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"Mohe River Raiders Summer Travel Holy Land is no more suitable for summer beautiful niche attractions than Mohe, best for summer summer! Before departure: ①The summer Mohe is still very cool, [Bianno R] The temperature difference between morning and evening is also very large, so come to Mohe must bring long sleeves and jackets, sneakers ② can fly to #Harbin [location]#, then from Harbin to #Mohe [location]#③Mohe traffic is not very convenient, The more suitable way to play is to rent a car. It is about five or six hundred yuan in three days. You can refer to [slant eyes R]④Student Certificates and medical certificates must be prepared in advance. Some attractions have a half-price discount [Zan R] Ring Road: DAY1:# Nine-Qu Shiba-Bengt [Location] #Yu Mingxin Bridge Pier # Wusuli Shoal [place] #Yue #Heilongjiang First Bay [place] #Yue #Beihong Village [place] # Jiuqu 18 curve Wetland Park: Shenzhou Arctic, summer health paradise Wusuli Shoal: Wusuli Shoal is the northernmost point of China, 53°33 ′43″. The national boundary is the central waterway of Heilongjiang. The first bay of Heilongjiang across the river from Russia: The Sino-Russian boundary river meets here, the two sides of the terrain is very different, very shocked [Wow R] [Wow R] [Wow R] Beihong Village: It is a pure land away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the true northernmost village DAY2: # Beihong Village [location] # Original White Crane Forest # Ewenke Reindeer Garden Northern China North Pole Plaza [location] North China Post [location] North China Post [location] North China Post [location] North China Village [location] Primitive White Crane Forest: White Crane Forest is more beautiful than snow, primitive and clean reindeer park: You can contact the deer intimately, take pictures, very gentle North China Post Office: Here sends a postcard of the northernmost of the motherland, Super Cool [Zan R] Shenzhou Arctic Plaza: right next to the Heilongjiang River, across the river from Russia DAY3: # Arctic Village [location] # # Xuanwu Square [location] # # North Beibei Post [location] # # Arctic Star Square [location] # # Songyuan [location] # Park Arctic Village: The Golden Rooster, the northernmost town in China, is the only best spot to view the northern lights of the country: the square is located in the Arctic village of the Arctic bar exit, the square erected a statue of the basalt. North Beibei post: The most northern post in China. The post has a characteristic building, a high lookout tower, very powerful. [Zan R]Songyuan Park: Keep a virgin forest, the air is super good every summer solstice is the best time for the Mohe weather, is also the most likely to see the Northern Lights. In short, the northeast does not have to see snow in winter, summer to escape the summer, also super comfortable! Go out and make a good strategy, avoid the travel pit, pay attention to walnuts, travel without worry~"