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About Yangzhou

Yangzhou has always been a gathering place of culture and a scenic, flourishing city with many famous historical sites, ruins, and elegant gardens. The scenery of Shouxi Lake is beautiful, and here you can come to experience what was put down in the famous poem: "traveling down to Yangzhou in a misty and florid March." You can also take a boat cruise to get a sense of the free and unfettered mood which the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty must have had when he visited the lake. Yangzhou also has places like the Gucha Daming Temple with its long and storied history. It has the He Garden with its reputation as the “City Mountain Forest,” and the year-round rock garden known as Geyuan Garden, as well as the remains of the residences of the emperors Sui Yang Di, Kangxi, and Qianlong, and countless beautiful natural landscapes.

Popular Attractions in Yangzhou

Slender West Lake
30,055 Reviews
The Slender West Lake is a scenic lake and national park in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. You can enjoy the natural scenery along the river or enter pavilions to sample the poetry and calligraphy of ancient literati. You can also sit on a boat and experience the ride from the perspective of Emperor Qianlong. The Lake still has many famous gardens. For thousands of years, countless literati wrote poems and drew paintings here, leaving behind many assets and folk tales. They also built many scenic buildings in accordance with local customs.
Geyuan Garden
6,923 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Geyuan Garden was built in the Qing Dynasty on the site of the former Shouzhi Garden of the Ming Dynasty. At the time, the garden was planted with bamboo. Because the bamboo leaves were shaped like the Chinese character for “Ge”, the garden was thus called “Ge Garden.” The four rockeries in the garden are very unique; after making it around the garden, it’s as if the visitor has experienced spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Geyuan Garden is not large and can be divided into three areas: the northern bamboo viewing area, the central flower garden, and the southern residential area. Compared with other traditional Chinese gardens, the essence of Geyuan Garden lies in the art of the rockeries with the theme of the four seasons. In addition to the rockeries, walking in the northern bamboo forest is a very pleasant experience. Even during hot summer days, walking in the green bamboo forest often feels quite cool.
Ho Family Garden
4,450 Reviews
The Ho Family Garden is a typical garden of the late Qing Dynasty. The garden cleverly combines Chinese and Western architecture. The pavilion has a series of forked, covered walkways, and the whole layout gives the sense that the building is highly structured. The Ho Family Garden mainly consists of 3 portions: the rear garden, the residential courtyard, and a rock grotto in the southeast. The western part of the garden has a pool in the middle. A water pavilion is located in the pool. This is where the owner of the park watches theatrical performances.
Dongguan Street Historical District
1,815 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Dongguan Street is located in the center of Yangzhou. The main street is made from slates which had been paved piece by piece. Walking along the street, you can often catch glimpses of the salt merchants' courtyards made from blue bricks and gray tiles. The areas where local food and specialties are concentrated add to the fascination for visitors. It is truly worthy of its reputation as a representative historical old street of Yangzhou City. Dongguan Street extends in the east to the Ancient Canal and in the west to Guoqing Road. It is 1,122 meters long in total. The Dongguan Ancient Pier on its eastern end was a bustling terminal of Yangzhou in the Tang Dynasty. The presence of the pier had enabled the development of the trade-intensive downtown Dongguan Street. The current Dongguan Street still maintains its appearance during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

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Trip Moments

Posted: 6 Apr, 2017
Posted: 8 Apr, 2017
"The green hills are faintly sloppy, and the grass in the autumn is not withered. 24th bridge moonlight night, where the jade people teach to brag." Slim West Lake may also be the most famous attraction in Yangzhou. Called the city's spokesperson. The so-called "Slim West Lake" is said to be from the Qing Dynasty Qiantang poet Wang Yushiyun: "Changyang constantly picks up the wreckage, Yanzi Hongqiao painting. It is also a pot of gold, so it should be called the Slender West Lake "Slim West Lake is much smaller than West Lake. The area of the tour area is about 100 hectares. It can be completed in 4 hours. The water surface is about 4 kilometers long and less than 100 meters wide. Although the area is small, it is better than building a garden. Yangzhou has always been famous for its garden success, and Slender West Lake is the essence. The best way to take a boat trip to Slender West Lake is to take a wooden boat from the gate and walk slowly to the twenty-four bridge of Xichuntai. All the way to the "two embankments and flowers will be all water, all the way to the mountains" It is like a picture of a landscape. The cruise ships are shaken by the ship's mother, all the way to Yangzhou minor, extraordinarily melodious, even more add a little Jiangnan's elegance. When we arrived, it was winter, and the scenery on both sides of the strait was slightly bleak. If it was in the spring season, "the fireworks will go down in Yangzhou in March," the scenery on both sides should be more charming. About the legend of Slender West Lake, the most famous of them is the Emperor Qianlongs descendants when he was in the south of the Yangtze River. In order to please the emperor, the legend of the White Tower in Beijings Beihai was created overnight. Even Qianlong himself was amazed. The local salt merchants in Yangzhou have strong financial resources.
Posted: 7 Dec, 2018
Adam Yue   
The rafting of the ancient canal is one of the best ways to feel the romantic feelings of Yangzhou. The melodious ancient canal has added too much spirituality and charm to the city of Yangzhou. Walking into the ancient canal of Yangzhou, looking at the bank of the river, neatly arranged in a white room, even a small boat in the river gently swayed, provoked layers of ripples, as if it were a picture of antique ancient rhyme. This ancient canal, in addition to the beautiful natural landscape, has an incredible history dating back more than 2,000 years. In order to visit Qionghua in Yangzhou, a beautiful city in the south of the Yangtze River, Sui Emperor excavated one of the great miracles in history, the Grand Canal. Today, although the canal does not have the bustling and busy scene of the past, it is still one of Yangzhou's iconic signs, and the scenery on both sides of the river bank is beautiful. The scenery is very pleasant. In addition to the canal itself, the antique houses on both sides of the strait have also added a lot of color to it. The life of the small bridge is like bringing time back to the last century. People living in this picture, living a life without a fight, have an unimaginable freedom. Walk the Grand Canal, you can choose to take a canal viewing boat, stay in the river, watch the scenery on both sides of the boat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Especially at the most evening, sitting on the Grand Canal with antique paintings, the lights on both sides and the lights of the city complement each other. Listening to the explanations of the guides seems to have entered the history of Yangzhou, which is very interesting.
Posted: 10 Dec, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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