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Geyuan Garden
As the saying goes: Fireworks in March Yangzhou-Yangzhou one-day tour can also be very enjoyable Yangzhou University weekend suddenly thought of going to Yangzhou for a circle, thinking about the book, finished the high-speed rail ticket, and went down The high-speed train took a taxi to Yangzhou University. There was no one on the weekend campus. The spring flowers are very suitable for taking pictures. There are many colleges in the park. One of the colleges is super retro. It feels like the Republic of China. After entering, I also saw the lab, which is super retro. The kind of bathroom, the old-fashioned look, the mirror is a simple and simple glass to open a piece, attached to the wall, very atmosphere. Liu Xie Kee noodle restaurant (now is the net red noodle restaurant) Walk over Yangzhou University to go to lunch, the small supermarket on the road encounters the net red yogurt, eats chocolate sorbet, through the heart When I went to the fat-intestine noodle shop recommended by my friend, the fat intestines seemed to be cleaned very cleanly. In fact, I still like to eat the fat meat inside. I bite the skin and the fat oil in the mouth to give each other their own charm, which is wonderful. Their crab yellow meatballs are also one of the characteristics. A gentle crab yellow juice can not help but flow out, the ball is elastic and chewy, the noodle shop is not big, and it is full of people. Park I don't like the bustling downtown, I am going to go to the park in the afternoon for a circle, a garden-world cultural heritage, there are green bamboos, come back to view the information, the original The owner of the garden especially likes bamboo, and the name of the garden is also bamboo. The garden is filled with large pieces of emerald green bamboo. Walking inside is a happy and happy couple. A couple of photographers taking pictures of the Republic of China, photographers all kinds of plans, it seems that the knowledgeable old man took the SLR and carefully studied it carefully. The grandmother of the child, the couple walks. Dessert Shop The garden is coming out for a walk, passing through a regular underground corridor, and the outside world, outside the sun, the bottom of the heart is cool. I met a private dessert shop for a while, a couple opened together, the decoration style is simple, there is no complicated color, the overall white, the wall is full of paintings, sofa cotton, bookcase wood, balcony It is covered with green climbing plants, spider plants, etc., and has a dining table with a layer of misty white gauze, which is separated from the outside guests by a low-key, two floors upstairs and downstairs. Eat dessert, read the book, sort out the photos, prepare for the resurrection to eat hot pot Eight-flag old Beijing hot pot downtown walked a circle, feeling Yangzhou whole The city is very clean, the city is small but very comfortable, there is a street, and many people who ride to work feel very retro. Selected an old Beijing copper pot hot pot, eating sesame sauce, copper pot hot pot and Sichuan flavor hot pot is different, its soul is meat and sesame sauce, once the meat is not good, it is found in minutes, because it is clear soup, There are no hidden components. Iron skewer kebabs are delicious, sprinkled with cumin chili powder is perfect waiter's incomparable enthusiasm, feeling the kind of illusion in Beijing. West Lake hot pot after the end and went to the thin West Lake strolled a circle, the day is a bit dark, the camera did not take any photos, a very relaxing day, the high-speed rail back to Nanjing, the era The progress can make it a wonderful day for you to travel to and from a city.
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