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Play the slim West Lake in autumn and winter, you can make a beautiful hot spring ah in Yangzhou, in addition to the likes of the Emperor and Emperor Qianlong in the Slender West Lake cruise, you can also in the colder autumn and winter to a hot spring. On the bank of the Slender West Lake, which has the reputation of Winning in the Garden, A in the World, I stayed at the Slender West Lake Hot Spring Resort. The hot springs here belong to the domestic natural silicic acid and lithium hot springs, which can be used in both the hot spring area and the guest rooms. The hot spring villas are unique, each with a separate courtyard and hot spring pool, and all the facilities are available. I usually have hot springs, but the hot spring water here is exceptionally "slippery". It has been sweating for only ten minutes and the pores have been stretched. The simple and elegant architecture, quietly dotted in the embrace of the mountains and rivers, the hazy clouds, the diffuse light smoke, the atmosphere of the true mountains and waters, slowly break into the real heart, when all the glitz is flat, the return of nature It is temperament and free and easy; it is its attraction, attracting the soul of the search and slowly approaching, approaching its open arms... Tips: Location: next to Slender West Lake, East Gate of Slender West Lake Scenic Area, Yangzhou City Opposite the Wan Garden tickets and per capita consumption: Tickets are divided into adult and family tickets, in addition to different discounts, per capita consumption is around 100 yuan, if you stay at the hotel, breakfast is included.
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Daming Temple
Looking north from the Yangzhou Slender West Lake Park, you can see a towering tower. This is Daming Temple. Daming Temple can be said to be one of the most famous temples in Yangzhou. First, because of its long history, it was built in the Southern Song Dynasty. Emperor Xiaowu of the Southern Song Dynasty has more than 1,500 years of history. Second, there is a very famous abbot in the history of Daming Temple. Jianzheng monk. Da Ming Temple is not far from the north gate of Slender West Lake. It takes only about ten minutes to walk. In the Qing Dynasty, it was renamed as "Qingling Temple" because of "anti-Qing Fuming". In the 30th year of Qianlong's emperor's personal title "Fajing Temple", the name "Da Ming Temple" was eventually deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. There are Daming Temple first, followed by the Qiling Tower. In the first year of Sui Dynasty Renshou (601), Emperor Yang Jian celebrated his birthday, and built 30 towers in the country to support the Buddha's bones. Yangzhou Daming Temple built the Herling Tower. The tower is nine stories high and magnificent. Into the temple, I found out that this temple is actually a garden. When the Northern Song Dynasty Ouyang Xiu was in Yangzhou Taishou, he built Pingshan Hall in Daming Temple. The front of the church was covered with flowers and trees, and the courtyard was quiet. The mountains overlooked the mountains in the south of the Yangtze River. It was just like the line of sight. "The mountains come to be flat with this temple", so it is called "Pingshan Hall". Qingkang Qianshengshi, the expansion of Daming Temple is the first of the eight famous temples in Yangzhou. In the 30th year of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1765), Qianlong cruised Yangzhou and changed the title of "Fajing Temple."
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