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About Yantai

Yantai is a city on the coast which is as beautiful as a fairy tale. Here there are blue seas, white sands, clear waters, and green waves everywhere. It is a great place to beat the summer heat and play in the waves. Step into the Penglai Pavilion to see the birthplace legend of the eight immortals crossing the sea; climb atop Zhifu Island, where the traces of the Emperor Qin Shihuang’s visit more than 2,000 years ago still remain; walk on the streets of Yantai to the completely preserved foreign consulates of the modern era, where foreign architecture and the feel of the mountains and sea merge as one. Yantai's Zhangyu wine enjoys domestic and foreign renown and at the Zhangyu Wine Culture Museum you can learn about the development and history of Zhangyu wine and sample fine wines. The sweet Yantai apples are also a great gift to bring back for friends and relatives.

Popular Attractions in Yantai

Penglai Pavilion
7,891 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Penglai Pavilion is located on the cliff in the north of Penglai City in the Yantai area of ​​Shandong Province. It was built in the Song Dynasty (1070 AD) and has a history of more than 900 years. It is together with Tengwangge, Yellow Crane Tower and Yueyang Tower called the Four Great Towers of China. Known as the Wonderland of Penglai, it was the place where Emperor Qin Han Wu sought the elixir of life. The entire Penglai Pavilion building consists of Sanqingdian, Lvzu Palace, Sugong Temple, Tianhou Temple, Dragon King Palace, Penglai Pavilion, and Amitabha Temple. They are located on a hillside. Make sure to climb the hillside before visiting these palaces.
1,015 Reviews
Theme Park
Europark is located on Penglai’s Golden Coast. Most buildings in the amusement park have a classic European architecture. The park is mainly divided into 7 areas: Fairytale Town, the Brave Zone, Dream Castle, Swan Castle, Around the World, Adventure Paradise, and the European Street of Joy. The European Street of Joy features a wide variety of cuisines, so your taste buds can be satisfied as you enjoy each ride.
Polar Ocean World
2,235 Reviews
Polar Ocean World is located in the northern part of Penglai City, adjacent to Tianheng Mountain. Get a glimpse of rich marine life including different specifies of fish, jellyfish, and polar animals such as seals, penguins, and polar bears. Walk through the Undersea Tunnel to experience the deep sea. Catch the dolphin and sea lion shows, and of course the crowd favorite mermaid show.
Yangma Island
634 Reviews
Yangma Island is located in the north of Muping District, Yantai. It is an open tourist scenic spot. Yangma Island has a long history. It is said that Qin Shihuang was here to raise horses during the Eastern Tour and was named the “Royal Yangma Island”. . The island's waters are rich in seafood such as sea cucumbers, scallops, abalone, prawns, oysters, and swan eggs. A paradise for seafood lovers.

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Trip Moments

The reason why Yangma Island is called Yangma Island is that when Qin Shihuang traveled to the mountains and rivers to find a long-lasting magical technique, he passed through this place. In the distant mountains, I saw a patch of land and mist, and even like a fairyland. He came to the island and raised the warhorses accompanying the injured. He gave the name of Yangma Island. Yangma Island is located 9 kilometers north of Ninghai Town in Muping District. It is known as Oriental Hawaii for its beautiful mountains, sea and pleasant climate. The sea is clear and the four seasons are distinct. Especially in the summer, here you can see the clear blue sky, white clouds, clear blue water, sea breeze, comfortable temperature It is a good place to escape the summer heat.
Posted: 6 Dec, 2018
The waterfront of Yangma Island is so beautiful, and the weather is cold. Go to the Yangmao Island Ocean Ranch to listen to the wind and watch the sea in nice sunny weather. Feel the advanced pontoon culture and catch the pufferfish for seafood. A speedboat or ferry boat from the shore provides direct access to the marine pastures in the deep sea. This marine pasture is mainly composed of two parts: a cruise ship and a caisson. Here you can fish cute pufferfish, American red and other fish species, or you can pick up a basket of scallops or oysters and send them directly to the restaurant. The most advanced farming technology has made the freshest ingredients easy to get, and the perfect farming,  entertainment, catering mode allows this fresh ingredient to be transformed into delicious cuisine.
Posted: 6 Dec, 2018
If you want to see two seas at a time, you must come here - the Yellow Sea and the Sea Interchange. The combination of the Yellow Sea and the Yellow Sea, although distinct, is not a straight line, and the color is different in depth, one side is dark blue, and the other side is light yellow, forming a "Tai Chi" spectacle. A "long tail", a sea of water and two worlds, clearly defined. And the waves are rushing all the year round, and the waves are as flat as the mirrors, but here they are like swords, as if the yellow sea is fighting. The long mountain tail serves as the junction of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. The various pebble on the beach are piled up, and the shape is wide and pointed, curved and elegant. If you love her (he), then be sure to bring it here. Under the thin moonlight, you can also hold the sunrise and stand together, giving her a gentle, fragrant, long kiss. Today's weather is not transparent, and the sunrise that I want is not photographed. It rises to a certain height and is completely blocked by the cloud. A little lost... slow road Starting from the border of Huanghuahai, the entire slow guidance system has complete service facilities such as rest, navigation, landscape, bicycle rental and service area. The slow road with a total length of 99.9 kilometers runs along the original mountain and sea junction on the island. The plank road stands in the water. The left side is a graceful mountain peak, and the right side is the endless sea. Long Island's "slow" is innate. In the past, Long Island fishermen were fishing when they were busy, woven into the net, and made a sunrise, and they had nothing to drink and have a good time. Gradually, Long Islanders are accustomed to slow life. They are not surprised when they are in trouble, and they have a degree of relaxation. This "slow road" is the landing of Long Island's "slow culture".
Posted: 27 Nov, 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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