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Nature Reserve
Huagao Creek National Nature ReserveNearby City

Huagao Creek National Nature Reserve

4.6/519 Reviews
"Nature Reserve"
Ranked #2 in Luzhou Amazing Natural Scenery
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"A few years ago, I set off from Luzhou to Huaduan Creek, the road was winding, and when I first arrived at Huaduan Creek, what I saw was the original forest. To the drawing Creek, there is a path on the right, winding upward along a lively creek. The path is next to the cliff wall of the mountain. From time to time, there are vines falling down like curtains, and sometimes there are drops of water dripping from the top, like pearls from the side. Beside the creek on the right, bushes grow thickly, and a tree trunk bears fruit, which is very spectacle. Until the road was poor, but seeing a waterfall flying down from the top of the cliff, it was deafening. What surprises you is that there is a path that passes under the waterfall to the other side of the waterfall, without wet clothes. If you don't go up the river from the right, you can walk along the highway and up the mountain. After a short walk, standing on the highway, you can see a small stream below. The stream is singing and laughing, walking briskly on the smooth red rocks! Standing on the highway, you can see the overlapping peaks on the opposite side, with waterfalls, small as silk, and large as practicing, descending quietly. But listening carefully, there seemed to be low whispers floating in the ears. The road is on the right side of the mountain, and there is a stream running down the mountain. The Thoreau trees or bushes are divided into several streams of different sizes, flowing from low to low ground!"