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Baling SquareNearby City

Baling Square

4.3/5239 Reviews
Ranked #15 in Yueyang Can't Miss Attractions
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"To visit Yueyang Tower, first to Baling Square. Baling Square is located in the central city of Yueyang City, the main road of the west of Baling Road, the west of Dongting Lake, the north side of Yueyang Food Street Yuehe Street and Yueyang Tower Park, is the must go to Yueyang Tower, but also the lively place of Yueyang. This square, with an area of more than 40,000 square meters, is marked by the 16-meter-high statue of the "Back Laser Snake", which is taken from the story of the Snake-eating elephants in the mountains and seas. It is said that the Snake was built in Dongting Lake and the hills are built in Poyang, which is interpreted by mythology and legends as the "Baling" of the city of Poyang. The origin of the name also embodies the meaning of "splashed snake, Wanmin naian". The whole square is magnificent, the central square is surrounded by sparse forest grassland, the square is basically symmetrical, highlighting the historical development axis of the city in the east and west direction, standing on the steps of the lakeside landscape area can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dongting Lake. The platform leads directly to the water, the atmosphere is spectacular. Along the lake, there are rock-enclosed enclosures with intriguing lines from many literati and inkmen. There are also towers beside the square, such as the gate of the View of the Square and the Dongting Lake."