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Yingde Tianmengou Scenic Area
If the tree house is special enough, the hot springs on the tree house will be more desirable! Especially for people like me who love hot springs, it will give you a completely private space for collection time, emotions and uncompetitive Dream, two people together to make the best, in addition to the scenery outside the window and casual birds, there will be no interference, comfortable. Whether you are arrogant or not, whether you are willing to be dull, or still squatting, in this infinite landscape of the original ecology, in addition to nature, what can bring you is a stable state of mind. The big tree passes directly through the room, and the wooden house in the tree can also be used for hot springs. Another kind of experience. The sky of the four sides has also had many dreams. It is not only the station of the journey, but now it is the station of the soul. Revisit the history of the changes in the millennium society, and provide an opportunity for the urbanites who live in the reinforced concrete jungle to return to nature and find themselves, and become the resting point of our journey of life and the starting point for re-starting. All the hot springs in the Tianmengou Hot Spring Scenic Area are directly extracted from the Laoshan stratum, and are connected to the tree house through the bark water pipes, giving a novel experience of the hot spring water comes up. On the giant tree stumps in the jungle, wooden tanks of various shapes are erected on the big trees. The trees on the top of the tree are surrounded by flowers and flowers, enjoying the hot spring bath and subverting the artistic conception of the height is not cold. With a sculpted hot spring water, every pore in the body, the body and the natural waters blend together, just enjoy it quietly. There is no need to say anything in this beautiful world.
Jiuzhou Yizhan Resort
Because we are multi-person travel, we chose to stay in the combination hot spring tree house, so that it is very convenient for everyone to sneak into each other. At night, you can also have tea, chat and hot springs together. The combination hot spring tree house is group-style, with a combination of 4-7 rooms and sharing a hot spring pool, kung fu tea table, building and other facilities. The 7 rooms are distributed around a hot spring pool, and we seem to have formed a big family to play in our own yard. The location of the hot spring is just a patio, and you can enjoy the view of the sky while enjoying the hot springs. Wooden windows, wooden doors, and bark-coated walls, this is nature, we live in nature. In front of the house is a large terrace where you can drink kung fu tea, watch the scenery in the mountains ahead, and talk over the night. Next, push open the door and walk into my rest area. 30 square meters of space, everything is available. The favorite big window by the bed, you can lie down and enjoy the scenery outside the window, you can let the sun shine on the body, you can see the green trees and the blue sky in the blink of an eye. Open the window, you can breathe the fresh air, be careful of drunken oxygen~ There are two antique books in the room, there are various calligraphy and paintings and stories about the station, waiting for you to appreciate and understand. In addition to the tea tables in the public areas, each room is also equipped with tea drinking utensils, and free tea is prepared.
Rachel Yu
Yingxi Fenglin Corridor
Guangdong Yingxi Fenglin is located in the three towns of Yanbei, Huanghua and Jiulong in the west of Yingde. It is a pure land of galleries that has not been commercialized. The entire landscape corridor includes cultural monuments, strange caves, beautiful scenery and idyllic scenery. It is very suitable for walking and cycling. Or drive by car. There are many old villages in the Yinghufeng Forest. There are new modern buildings in the village and many yellow earth houses. Like many mountainous areas, because there is no big industry and prosperous trade, young people in the Yingxifeng forest have made their living in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen and other places to make money. Most of the people staying at home are old people and children. The Yingxi Fenglin Tourist Area is home to various canyons, limestone peaks, streams, waterfalls and caves. If you go to Yingxi Fenglin, it is recommended to take the time to look at Rongqiang Xiaoguilin. It is located in Jiulong Town, which retains the rich rural life in northwestern Guangdong. The clear river, the green mountains, the rice fields and the vegetable garden are dotted with Every corner of the country makes people think of beautiful pastoral poetry. Yingxi Fenglin Shanshui Gallery is a bit like the Shili Gallery in Yangshuo, Guilin. As long as you don't walk into commercial attractions, you don't need to pay tickets. Personally, cycling is the most comfortable, and its speed and openness allow you to see. More beauty. Climb along the road, let the wind breeze, see the rice fields on both sides of the green, the peaks constantly change the appearance, not intoxicated.
In the tree house village of Yingde, the most touching and unique accommodation facilities, it feels more of the original atmosphere and the fragrance of the land in the lush forest, the birds and insects facing the window. Life, such as squirrels, is the true meaning of building a tree house and staying in a tree house. Tree House, the home of the ancient mankind, is the nest where our human ancestors have not yet stepped out of the forest to shelter the wind and rain and defend against the beasts. Nowadays, Shuwu Village of Kyushu Station has integrated modern health and leisure culture into the characteristics of restoring ancient human dwelling culture, and has become an important feature of the station. The solid wooden stakes hold a wooden house high, and several wooden houses are rounded to form a tree-roofed house. The tourists are clustered like ethnic tribes. Independence spa tree house in a building, scattered in the tree house village, gives a very quiet feeling. There is also a very attractive tribe in the shuwu village. It is like a village in the village, that is, a family name. Every wooden house here has a surname. We always make jokes and find our own surname. We say, "Welcome to my house!" Every corner of the shuwu village has different beauty, there are always some Flowers and plants are waiting for your beautiful encounter. What kind of experience is it to enjoy the sunset and the hot springs? In short, in addition to coziness, it is comfortable!
Rachel Yu
Baojing Palace
[The ultimate challenge Guangdong's first full lake view mountain bungee jumping] bungee jumping is one of my life list, and finally chose the first step on the Lion Rock! A certificate can be obtained after the challenge is successful! For me who dared to stand and ride a roller coaster, the fear of bungee jumping is not from the sense of weightlessness, but standing in front of the platform, the infinite abyss under the eyes, the body is about to be released here. Features: Flying dragons under the pole is 1680 acres of Swan Lake, 68 meters high, the platform extends over the lake with a span of 99 meters, 720 degrees without a dead angle to enjoy the lake and mountains. Prepare before jumping: 1, girls don't wear skirts, unless you want to be eye-catching, try to wear rigorous, or it is very embarrassing when hanging upside down, the laces must be fastened. 2, necklaces are easy to throw items to the staff to keep, there is a storage box next to the platform. 3, the gopro HD video and shooting will be bundled into your hand and will be passed back to you after the challenge. The uncomfortable thing is that no matter how beautiful you are, jumping off will be unrecognizable! When I looked back, I once wondered if I was a human being! 4. If you want to be beautiful, you can wear sunglasses (the coach always carries), but you need to have professional equipment such as anti-fixing rope, but do not guarantee 100%. Challenge step: 1, first measure blood pressure, consult weight, myopia, fill in registration form, insurance beneficiary. 2, professional people equipped with safety equipment, there are two ways to jump, respectively, tied waist and tied feet, free to choose. 3, after jumping down, the sense of weight loss appeared 3 times. The first time was the moment when the weight began to fall. When the gravity acceleration reached the maximum, I felt that I was flying. After rebounding 2 times, I also felt weightless. 4, after the rebound stops, the person is in the upside down state, the staff will put down the professional tools, and buckle the hooks on the chest button, they will pull you up. 5, from jumping to being pulled up, the whole process is less than 5 minutes, and finally go to the front desk to get the certificate. Price Room price 298/person, coach does not add address Qingyuan Yingdebao Jinggong International Tourism Resort Feilong Bungy
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