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It is undoubtedly lucky to arrive at the Chong'an Temple in Yixing Lake at dusk. The sunset makes this ancient temple dyed with a warm color, the yellow wall and the red pillar, quiet and solemn. In the distance, it is a gloomy mountain this scene may have been printed in the eyes of the Tang Dynastys Yunyou monks more than 1,000 years ago. It is said that he was taken by the scenery here. The foundation temple, this is the source of the Chong'an Temple. The following legends are even more meaningful. It is said that when the foundation of the Chong'an Temple was laid, it was unearthed as a jade, and its sound was like a pipa. Therefore, the original name of the temple was Yushan Temple. In the years of the Chong'an Temple, the monks here have been quietly chanting Buddhas in the temples of this mountain. The time for the Chong'an Temple to shine is to wait until the early Qing Dynasty, hundreds of years after the temple was built. During the reign of Emperor Kangxi and Yongzheng, the Chong'an Temple was built and the Emperor Qianlong was given the title of "The First Ancestral Temple in the World" and rebuilt. Zen Temple - Legend has it that Qianlongs "born father" Chen Ge has lived here. Compared with many temples that are already too embarrassing, the Yixing Lake Father Chong'an Temple, which does not sell tickets or sell incense sticks, is undoubtedly quiet and closer to the meaning of Zen. At the time of our arrival, there was only one visitor to us in the Chong En Temple surrounded by lush forests. There were one or two monks who walked slowly and looked calm. The warm shade of sunlight casts the shadow of the red wooden pillar obliquely on the yellow wall, except for the occasional bird songs. In this temple with traditional Chinese architecture, it is all silence.
Shanjuan Cave
There are three layers of Shanjuan Cave, which are connected by layers. They are divided into upper, middle, lower and four water holes. The holes are connected like a stone sculpture building. In particular, "there is a river in the cave, the river can pass the boat; the boat is in the water, and the hand is supported on the hole." It has always been known as the "Han Cave" in Belgium and the "Lyon Cave" in France. The first thing we walked in was the middle hole, which is also the entrance to the good roll hole. There is a huge stalactite in Zhongdongkou, which is more than 7 meters high. It is called "Zhuzhufeng", also known as "Xiasu Mishan". The first time I saw the surprise of the cave, I lamented the wonders of nature. Don't look at this little stone, it is more than 30,000 years old. Grotesque rocks, colorful lights. The eyes don't know what to look at first. The only way to look at it is to look at the hole. The upper hole is also called the "cloudy field." Because of the temperature and moisture, the hole in the hole is cloudy and foggy. The characteristics of the upper hole are warm in winter and cool in summer, and the seasons are like spring. The temperature is kept at 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year. There is only a narrow corridor in the lower hole, and the flowing water seems to have come to another world. The lower hole is also called "one day." And a waterfall on the stone cliff completely led us into a different world, looking up at this sky, I think the word "Dong Tian" is designed for the good hole.
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