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The best experience of Yixing Zhuhai is still at the peak. Among them, only the bamboo forest is seen. When you climb the peak, you can see that the rolling hills and the bamboo forests of the mountains are not visible at all. The name of Zhuhai is well deserved! Although the process of mountaineering is somewhat boring, but the highest peak of the bamboo sea, to enjoy such a view, all the way to work is also worth, 360-degree all-round no corners to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and sure enough scenery in the dangerous peak.
Posted: 20 Jan, 2019
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Zhang Gong Cave
The lake's father has many holes, and the karst terrain makes it a "rich" cave. For those who come here, "hiding into the 'hole' into a unified system, managing his spring and summer and autumn and winter" is the best choice to avoid the summer heat - although the temperature in the hole does not let you break into the ice The feeling of the cave, but once you get to the hole, look at the cold white mist that rushes out and let you enter the cool world. Zhanggongdong can be said to be one of the most famous caves of the lake. Like almost all tourist attractions in China, it also has an "old legend" - it is said that Zhang Daoling of the Han Dynasty and Zhang Guo of the Tang Dynasty They have all cultivated here. But I am interested in the development history of Zhanggongdong. The development of Zhanggongdong can be traced back to a village called Yixing Township in the south of Yixing Township. It started construction in 1919, and it has been developing intermittently for more than 10 years. Finally, in 1934. Opened at the end of the year. In other words, during the Republic of China, there were many ethnic entrepreneurs, mostly machinery and textiles, and tourist developers were quite rare. From this, I can see that although I did not know why Shuxiang had done this tourism development in the past, it was indeed in the forefront of the times. From the largest Haiwang Hall in the cave, the temperature rises steadily, and the hole is drilled. It is already the peak of Mengfeng. Looking back, it is like stepping out from a huge eggshell. The wonder of Zhang Gongdong is really "Go to heaven."
Yixing Yunhai is famous for its hot springs, and the restaurant's special local dishes are also quite good. When I took a hot spring, I went to dinner time. When I had a few big dishes, I had a long-lost intimacy. Because it is close to my hometown, Yixing's diet is very similar to my hometown. The dishes are similar and delicious. This fish head soup is the signature dish of the restaurant. We also have fish head soup in our hometown. After a few years of long-term stay, I rarely go home. I haven't eaten such an authentic fish soup for a long time. The soup is delicious and the aftertaste is endless. With the development of the times, people are paying more and more attention to the dishes, and more and more attention to health, in the scientific mix of the chefs, carefully prepared, the dishes are colorful, showing unlimited possibilities. turtle, wild bamboo chicken, this dinner is not only high in value, but also rich in nutritional value. It pays attention to diet and health, and pays attention to the relationship between man and nature. It is an atmosphere of life and a kind of poetry. Umi rice is a feature of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. It is a custom to cook black rice with black rice leaves. The eighth day of the lunar calendar, the eighth day of the lunar calendar, is the traditional Chinese food festival. The folklore is because the disciples of Sakyamuni are connected, for the mother to eat rice, to find a way to dye rice with the South candle leaves, boiled into a black rice, and the hungry ghosts dare not eat the black rice, the mother can Full of stomach. Later, the common people ate the Wujiu every year to commemorate the filial son. Yixing has many bamboos and many natural bamboo shoots, so bamboo shoots are also a home-cooked dish on the table.
Yixing Zhuhai
Yixing Zhuhai Scenic Area stretches over three provinces of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui. It is known as the first bamboo sea in East China and is a representative scenic spot of Chinese bamboo scenery, bamboo style and bamboo culture. I have not only come here once in this place, but I came to the second time less than half a year ago. You can see five lovely mascots when you walk into the gate of the scenic spot. The weather is fine, tourists are weaving, here is the kingdom of bamboo, the world of bamboo, Su Dongpo said: no bamboo, no bamboo Vulgarity proves that bamboo has been a symbol of elegance since ancient times. In the bamboo sea, between the two mountains, the mountain water and natural rainwater have become "mirror lake", with a lake area of 30,000 square meters and a depth of 10 meters. The lake is clear all year round, the bamboo is long in the water, the water flows between the bamboos, and the mirror lake is in harmony with the stretch of bamboo sea. The scenery is beautiful. Everyone took the tram to the source of Taihu Lake from Jinghu Lake, because the Lake of Hugong in Zhuhai is the closest to Taihu Lake, and the watershed is the most obvious. Therefore, the stream flowing down from Zhuhai Mountain has the first source of Taihu Lake. "The name." The bamboo springs are flowing, and the water quality of the mountain springs is extremely pure and can be directly consumed. Along the side of the stone steps, there are mountains and waters, bamboos, pavilions, temples, water to clear, bamboo everywhere, mountains, dense bamboo leaves cover the sun The fragmented light penetrates through the gap between the leaves and the leaves, and the spots on the stone steps are printed. Take the cable car to the peak of the first peak of Sunan, at the highest point on the top of the mountain, looking at the top of the mountain, the mountains are deep and beautiful, the breeze is coming, the three provinces are unobstructed, and there is a strong momentum.
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