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Popular Attractions in Yizhang

Mangshan National Forest Park
627 Reviews
Mangshan National Forest Park is located in the south of Yizhang County near Chenzhou, Hunan Province. The park contains a wide range of plant species and is known for its unusual rock formations and spectacular, varied scenery.
Mangshan Forest Hot Springs
195 Reviews
Hot Spring
Mangshan Forest Hot Springs is located in Chenzhou City’s Mangshan National Forest Park in Hunan Province. Because of Mangshan Mountain’s beautiful ecological environment, five zones have been built here, including a five-star hotel, hot spring ecological zone and indoor spa area. The environment in the park is beautiful and the air is fresh. The hot spring water comes from deep beneath the mountain. The spring water is clear and abundant. It is known as “a must-see in Hunan.” The outdoor hot springs are built with novel styles along the hills. There is a unique and thrilling hot spring known as “Noah’s Ark” cliff.
Yangtian Lake
258 Reviews
Located in the grassy hinterland in the southwest of Chenzhou City, Yangtian Lake has a vast surface and impressive scenery. The surrounding lush sub-primitive forests provide a natural barrier, encircling the pastures and creating a paradise. After the spring plowing each year, the villagers free their cattle, horses and sheep into the Yangtian Lake area and allow them to live there for months, bringing them back in winter when it is going to snow. Sometimes, two cattle are released and three return -- the couple have crystallized their love.
Golden Rooster Mountain
67 Reviews
Golden Rooster Mountain is one of the famous mountains of Northern Guangdong, located in Pingshi Town, coming under the jurisdiction of Lechang city. Because Golden Rooster Mountain has cliffs and precipices on all sides, the mountain possesses odd rocks which are shaped like a rooster, and it seems to be crowing to the north, it is consequently named as such. At the summit of the mountain are three graceful piles of stones, which can be described as a natural wonder. Especially in midwinter, there is an expanse of white snow, and the snowscape is unique.

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Trip Moments

Cangzhou | In the mountains of the "Fairyland", the infinite hot springs played in Luzhou for two days, staying at the Lushan Forest Hot Spring Hotel, one of the biggest reasons I chose this hotel is the hotel. An infinity hot spring pool in the spa area. There are various hot spring pools in the outdoor hot spring area. Different temperatures and different functions, guests can choose. In addition to some of the more common medicine pools, there are also fragrant geysers and wine pools, as well as milk pools that make girls very excited and Tonggu Hot Springs that are soaked in huge copper drums. The biggest highlight of is of course the infinity hot spring. Before I came to the hot springs, I heard the hotel staff say that this beautiful suffocating infinity hot spring needs to climb a long mountain road because it is halfway up the mountain. According to the signs, we first climbed the platform where the Tonggu Hot Springs were located, then continued to detour the hills behind and began to walk a mountain road, about ten minutes or so. Then, in the slight frolic, a hot spring pool that blends with the misty mountains is in front of you. There is no sun-sparkling reflection on the waters of the rainy days, opposite the dark green mountains. Reflected in the water. The water in the infinity hot spring is very hot. In such a rainy day, people feel comfortable and warm, soak in it, the heat of the water rises slowly from the bottom up, you will feel yourself being fairy Surrounded by gas, it is often unclear whether it is the heat of water or the scent of the mountains. We asked for a floating afternoon tea. The juice and fruit were placed in a small bamboo basket and the staff slowly pushed it to us. The color of the orange juice is undoubtedly in this dark green scene. The most eye-catching embellishment.
Posted: 25 Jun, 2019
When you travel to Lushan, choose the hotel that is down to the Luzhou Lushan Forest Hot Spring Resort. Zhangzhou Lushan Forest Hot Spring Resort Hotel is only 1 km from the entrance of Lushan Forest Park. From the Huangsha Travel Express Line Huangsha/Lushan Expressway exit, it takes about 25 minutes to reach the hotel. The hotel is about 70 minutes drive from Zhangzhou City and about half an hour from Yizhang County. It is about three and a half hours by car from Guangzhou. The transportation is very convenient, especially suitable for weekends or small holiday vacations. The hotel lobby is spacious and bright, with a golden interpretation of understated luxury. Especially like the hotel room design, each room type has its own characteristics, this time the room type is simple and elegant, very Chinese style. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the room, you can enjoy the view of the smoky mountains. I found a body fat in the room, just reminding us to exercise in time to keep fit! Lushan Forest Hot Spring consists of five major areas, including five-star hotel, Laoshan Hot Spring Ecological Zone, indoor spa area, Noah's Ark Spa VIP Zone, and Ecological Agriculture Manor Cultural Zone. The indoor heated swimming pool is located on the first floor. The hot spring health area consists of three areas: indoor, outdoor and science and technology entertainment halls. It gathers more than 60 kinds of hot spring pools of Chinese national study culture and various styles using high-tech, which are built on the mountain and are scattered. In the hot spring area, there are bamboo sign culture pool, Yaojia hot spring bath, celestial style wind, Chinese medicine feeding hot spring, flower bath, fish therapy pool, indoor hot spring spa area, Yaojia five elements foot bath hall and so on.
Posted: 20 Dec, 2018
Among the huge area of 20,000 hectares in Lushan Mountain, there are countless beautiful scenery, and it is enough for you to experience the place where people are allowed to get involved. The Monkey King Village is one of my personal favorite. It is actually a new scenic spot discovered by Lushan in recent years. Because this area was originally named after hundreds of monkeys, it was later poached and Natural factors and other factors, there are only about a dozen monkeys left here. Its viewing focus has also changed from being a monkey to a watch waterfall. Among the entire canyons, there are dozens of large and small waterfalls. Many hanging waterfalls are connected with each other, and they are like a dragon in the mountains, and they make a huge roar. The source of the waterfall here is from the village, the thousands of miles through the virgin forest, and finally jumped here. Legend has it that after the monkey king Sun Wukong became a Buddha, he once came here to make a family and pass the stunt. Of course, it is not known that we are not aware of this. After all, there is such a legend in every scenic spot. The largest and most spectacular waterfall here can reach level 10 and is known as the Ten Dragon Waterfall. In the legend, Sun Dasheng locked the ten dragons that had been lost in the Monkey King Village, and the ten Canglongs were swayed by the dragon tails because of their long-term difficulties. Finally, they had the wonders of the ten waterfalls and ten pools.
Posted: 4 Jan, 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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