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Explore the world's top ten volcanic rock pillars in the south of the Yangtze River in the ancient Yangtze River estuary circulated a legend: the ancient North Mountain has a fool, moved to the gods with the move of the mountains, the martyrdom of the gods And his son went to help Yugong move the mountain. It was very difficult for the son of Kwas son to bear the glory of the mountain, but he was very happy because he helped others to make fun of it. He slammed the mountain in front of him. This cockroach actually caused the two mountains on the shoulders to fall from the sky. After shaking the mountains for a while, people found that one of the mountains was low in the middle of the mountain. The stone could still see the fingerprints of Hercules, so the mountain would be It is called "". is 146 meters above sea level, which is the second highest peak in the Soviet Union. The southern part of Tongshan is the first peak in the Soviet Union. It is generally the Huaihe River basin to the north and the Yangtze River basin to the south. "DaoguangRepair Yizheng County" indicates that this mountain "is in the north of the county, there is a patio pool, and its water is inexhaustible in winter and summer." Once the sanghai sangtian was buried with the years, until the end of the last century, people in the process of digging sand and gravel, successively dug out strips of stone, the locals called Lushan called "Shizhushan". According to the domestic geological experts and scholars, these stone pillars are basaltic rock columns formed by the basalt magma eruption and cooling when the Cenozoic Tertiary volcanic eruption occurred about 5 to 10 million years ago. These strips of stone were once volcanic rocks submerged at the bottom of the river. It witnessed the miracle of a "water and fire" that is rare in nature. It has become the only volcanic geological wonder in Jiangsu, and it is very rare in China. Traffic: 13 kilometers north of Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, Ningzhenyang Center area, surrounded by S333, S353, S125 provincial highways, Ningtong Expressway and Suyang Expressway have exits nearby. Tickets: Tickets are 70 yuan and the annual card is 100 yuan.
Liu Big Fish
Drinking tea, coffee, this geopark is a bit tide Yangzhou people like to drink tea, and is like to drink green tea with rich local characteristics - "Green Yang Chun". Green Yangchun has the unique color of the soup is green and the taste is mellow. One of the highlights of the life of the people in Yangzhou is "the morning water, the water foreskin at night." This "pocket water" is to eat morning tea. In the Qing Dynasty, Li Dou in his masterpiece "Yangzhou Paintings", there is the saying "Wuxiang tea armor in the world", showing that tea is a grand place in Yangzhou. is a rich place for Yangzhou tea. Starting from the Tang Dynasty, which was popular in the tea ceremony, the farmers here lived on tea and continued to this day. Follow the tea farmers in Lushan, pick green spring tea in the spring, brew the Laoshan black tea in the autumn, and learn about the refined tea making process; watch the tea performance while gently smelling the tea, taste the tea, and feel the tea. A cup of tea entrance, first bitter and sweet, is also like life. Occasionally, slowing down the pace of work and emulating the return of life to the ages is also a pleasure. In addition to tea, this geological park also has an INS wind coffee shop. From the inside out, it is a minimalist style. It is very bright in the blue brick walls of the city. It feels that the art is out of control. The surrounding glass floor-to-ceiling windows and ceilings, ornaments or quaint or Nordic, are paired with the unique visual and enjoyment. Everyone who comes here can find a place to be comfortable, lie down, chat, drink coffee, eat desserts, and do some endless dreams. Traffic: 13 kilometers north of Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, Ningzhenyang Center area, surrounded by S333, S353, S125 provincial highways, Ningtong Expressway and Suyang Expressway have exits nearby. Tickets: Tickets are 70 yuan and the annual card is 100 yuan.
Liu Big Fish
Tianle Lake Hot Spring
I have always been afraid of the cold, always choose to travel to the destination, and always subconsciously lock the hot and hot place, but the hot spring is not the same, after a cup of ginger in the winter , Jump into the warm spring pool just fine. Yangzhou Tianlehu Hot Spring Area has 26 large and small soup pools, especially the hot spring pool along the lake and the lake view, landscape can not be said. 1 Address: Jiangyang Road, Sizhuang Village, Yuetang Town, Yangzhou, Yangzhou 2 Tickets: 138 yuan per adult ticket, 90 yuan per child (free for children under 1.2m) ) 3Accommodation: Tianle Lake Resort is equipped with a variety of accommodation types, from ordinary apartments to hot spring suites and hot spring villas at various price points, as well as hot spring + hotel packages, cost-effective high. 5 dress with: In the hot spring, of course, you must wear a swimsuit In view of the surrounding environment of the hot springs, recommended to wear a solid color swimsuit will be more able to shine in the environment. 6 Shooting Tips: The soup pool along the lake is better, especially the rightmost medicine pool, just friendship reminds that the soup pool temperature is slightly higher Trying some local small scenes and lowering the lens position will bring a good reflection composition, night's hot spring area is not enough light, friends who have shooting needs remember to carry a tripod. 7 Recommended food: hot spring hall comes out on the second floor is the restaurant of Tianle Lake, healthy small hot pot is the main here, small hot pot is farm-fed poultry The chicken soup made from tanned is used as a soup base, and vegetables are also self-produced organic vegetables.
Mentioning New Zealand, I believe that many movie fans will first think of the "Lord of the Rings" and the "Hobbit" trilogy. Among the six films, one of the six scenes is the paradise that fans have longed for in this life, that is, the name " Hobbiton. Hoby is located in Matamata, North Island, New Zealand. It is one of the New Zealand pilgrimage sites for many Lord of the Rings. The scenery here is beautiful, the terrain is undulating, the grass is like the grass, the sheep are in groups, and the forty-four Hobbit caves are scattered and splendid in different places. In Tolkiens classic fantasy adventure series, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, most of the adventures are from the Middle-earth-The Shire area. The fictional little village of Hobbiton began. In the first film of The Lord of the Rings, the film crew set production took nine months to create the village on the farm. Later, they returned here for two and a half years to film Jackson's new film, The Hobbit. In the movie "The Hobbit" shooting scene, you can follow the guide and drive through the 1,250-acre, picturesque shepherd's farm, along the way to the Kama Mountains. Majestic scene, sighs the magnificent god of nature. Visit the Bag End, where the Frodo and Bilbos adventures begin. The Hobbit Lodge, the Green Dragon Inn, the Mill and the Banquet Tree will definitely make you feel overwhelmed. Listen to the legendary story about the Hobbits. From the big city of Auckland, New Zealand, it only takes less than 3 hours to get there. The roads are flat and wide, the road signs are clear and the driving is easy; and the scenery on the road is very good. Beautiful, especially suitable for renting a car or a family to travel by car~
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