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Things To Do in Yongzhou

Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park
393 Reviews
139***13Jiulong Mountain National Forest Park in the morning, hurry to Jiulong Mountain! Driving more than 40 li mountain, deep ditch, more bend, narrow, very steep... Eight-grade road in the mountain, stumbled into the foot of the mountain, I was the first person to climb, climbing more than two hours did not see a person, to the top, finally waiting to come to the next person, otherwise want to leave a shadow is incompetent. Three points of stone is the symbol of Jiulong Mountain, who come to Jiulong Mountain, must climb this peak. Leave a shadow, sweaty thin shirt! Jiulong Mountain, one is a good car, two is high-skilled, three is physical strength..., otherwise you will not think!
Yangmingshan National Forest Park
105 Reviews
凌月儿09Yangmingshan National Forest Park is located in Shuangpai County, Yongzhou. It is adjacent to Xiaoshui to the west, Yongzhou to the east, Guilin to the south (260 kilometers apart), and Hengshan to the north. Most of the mountains are above 1,000 meters above sea level. The main peak is 1,600 meters above sea level. More than a few meters away, there is a Yongzhou microwave transmission tower and antique buildings. It feels great to climb up and overlook the small mountains! The best blooming time for the 10,000-mu azalea sea in Yangmingshan is from the end of April to the beginning of May. We arrived on May 11 and the time was a little bit late. The azaleas on the mountainside were almost withered. Fortunately, the azaleas on the top of the mountain were still red and gorgeous. The competition opened up, and "the best cuckoo red in the world" really deserves its reputation. The Wanshou Temple, located on a granite boulder slope at an altitude of 1,357 meters, is like a ruby inlaid in a green forest. The beauty is fascinating! Unfortunately, due to the impact of the epidemic, it is not open to tourists, and the legendary treasure of the temple’s thousand-year-old silicified wood is also missed. Many devout believers can only worship outside the temple with high incense, leaving a little regret for us who have come from afar. Yangming Mountain was still the Red Sixth Army led by Ren Bishi, Xiao Ke, and Wang Zhen passing here to meet up in Lingling. There are group sculptures and a martyrs memorial tower on the mountain, which is a red journey to relive the Long March. There are many local residents living in the forest park. Many homestays have been built for tourists to rest. The homestays all have restaurants, and you can order meals. The general home cooking is affordable. Tickets are 25 yuan. Play time 3-4 hours. When the weather is good, you can watch the sunrise on the mountain. The self-driving car can drive directly to Wanshou Temple. There are two roads to the top of the mountain. The distance to climb the stairs is only more than 300 meters. The winding road is a bit far away, but the road is flat, 7-800 meters away, and the overall climbing intensity is not very large.
Shundiling (Tomb of the Ruler of Shun) Tourist Site
58 Reviews
爱美食和旅行的胖哥哥[Scenery] Ningyuan County, located at the junction of Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, is a mountainous place with beautiful scenery. Emperor Shun was the ancestor of the humanities of the Chinese nation. It is recorded in Sima Qian's "Historical Records" that Emperor Shun patrolled in the south, collapsed in the south of Cangwu, and was buried in the Jiangnan Jiuyi. Jiuyi Mountain, more than 20 kilometers south of Ningyuan County, is where Emperor Shun was buried. [Fun] Many people are not interested in cultural and historical attractions. They may come here just to see the beautiful scenery. The 60 yuan ticket will make many people not want to go. However, the benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom, I think it really makes sense to come and see. [Price/Price Ratio] 60 yuan is a bit high for the price. It may be necessary to create an AAAAA-level scenic spot, so let the price go up first. Closer to home, it's really worth coming to see, five thousand years of Chinese civilization, I am very proud of being a Chinese!
Purple Glow Rock
28 Reviews
Geological Sites
_We***43Nice cave... I’m on my own. I take a bus to get there directly, and then take the ten-kuai money from the motorcycle to the cave entrance. Tickets are 30. There will be a speaker in there. If you are a personal tour, remember to keep the phone number of the master teacher , Because you have to take a car when you come out, otherwise you have to walk a bit far...then you can climb down this free mountain again, the scenery can...the climb up and down within two hours...and finally take the bus back to Ningyuan can enjoy it at night The supper in Ningyuan County is more delicious...
Liuzi Temple
159 Reviews
Memorial Temple
139***13Liuzi Temple will come to Yongzhou "Liuzi Temple", the Song Dynasty to commemorate Liu Zongyuan and built, there are three monuments, Yanyan monument... Yongzhou landscape beauty achieved Liu big brother, his many famous works are Yongzhou touch scenes and works, and his legacy works also achieved Yongzhou. "Yongzhou produces different snakes", "Yongzhou eight Notes" ... Yongzhou's fame is outstanding!
Shang Gan Tang Village
75 Reviews
ct2174An ordinary Yaozhai was turned into a scenic spot. It is not a holiday, there are no tourists, it is very peaceful and leisurely. It's okay to come here and have a look, but you don't need to come here specially.

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Jiuyi Mountain National Forest Park
Jiuyi Mountain National Forest ParkYongzhou,China

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Yongzhou Yishecun
Yongzhou YishecunYongzhou,China

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Shang Gan Tang Village
Shang Gan Tang VillageYongzhou,China

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Qinglongdong (East Gate)
Qinglongdong (East Gate)Yongzhou,China

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Ancient Buildings, Shanggantang Village
Ancient Buildings, Shanggantang VillageYongzhou,China

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Goulan Yao Village
Goulan Yao VillageYongzhou,China

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Yongzhou Travel Tips

About Yongzhou

Yongzhou is situated in the south of Hunan province at the confluence of the Xiao and Xiang Rivers. It is surrounded by forest and has a rich history – the Tang dynasty writer Liu Zongyuan wrote the famous work 'Eight Accounts of Yongzhou' during his exile here. Major attractions include Liuzi Temple, Wuxi Stele Forest, Shanggantang Village and the Yangming and Jiuyi Mountains.

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Yongzhou Weather

May 12, 2021
22 ~ 28
May 13, 2021
23 / 31
May 14, 2021
25 / 33
May 15, 2021
26 / 34
May 16, 2021
Light rain
17 / 34
May 17, 2021
Moderate rain
17 / 19
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yongzhou
May 12, 2021 Yongzhou Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:72%, Sunrise/Sunset:05:49/19:11
Yongzhou Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Low

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