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Betty's tea room's reputation is well-known in the English country. When it comes to York's food and dining venues, the first thing that comes to mind is Betty's Tea Room, which is the best tea room in the North of England and the first-ever gourmet restaurant in York. There is a reputation in Yorkshire and even in the north of England. Since the opening of the store, the Betty Tea House has been in existence for more than 90 years, and there are always long queues in the whole year, which is very popular. Of course, in addition to being a restaurant that is elegant and refined, she is the most indispensable afternoon tea for their British style. Here, come to a pot of tea, and then call some snacks... The time is like stopping, making people feel so leisurely and calm.
If there is no appointment, it is a long queue to eat snacks at Betty. If you make an appointment in advance, you can take it directly to the second floor. Under the hospitality of a young waitress wearing an apron, listen to the music, while sipping a cup of fresh sandwiches, freshly baked scotts and the most chic desserts. After eating afternoon tea on the second floor, you can also go to the Betty store on the first floor to buy a new baked snack or chocolate gift box. When you see more Betty's family, you know how famous it is.
Posted: 17 Dec, 2018
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York is located on the banks of the Uz River in the north of England, right in the heart of London to Edinburgh. It is one of the few ancient cities in the United Kingdom in 2000. Since the name comes from the Viking Jorvik, many hotels, bars and restaurants named after Jorvik can be seen in York. Another small feature is that many streets are called gates. This is not the door, but the meaning of the Viking street. Before the Industrial Revolution, York was the most important city in southern England, and George VI once said that the history of York is the history of England. For tourists, the ancient city houses, the romantic narrow streets, the magnificent churches and numerous museums are undoubtedly the reasons to attract them to York. The weather in York is a typical British face. Although there is no blue sky and white clouds, it is disappointing. However, the train ticket has already been booked and cannot be changed. If it comes, it will be safe, so the warm underwear down jacket scarf hat will be piled up. Starting bird. More than an hour from Manchester to York, I was able to fall asleep on the train and my neck was about to sleep. . . When I got off the train, I asked how to go. I said that I can follow a principle: If there are compatriots, follow the compatriots. If there are no compatriots, follow the big forces and be despised by Xiaoqian. In the journey, the implementation of the accident to the extreme, that is, there are Raiders, everyone is too lazy to see, to the destination will not go to hurry. . . Speaking of York, its really worth spending some time, with the largest extrinsic medieval church in Europe, the ancient walls, the butchers street in Harry Potters Diagonal Lane, and a complete railway museum. The narrow stone road is also very tasteful. Many small shops on the street have history and stories. When you are tired and go to one of the best afternoon teas in the UK, Betty Tea House enjoys a refreshment, everything is so beautiful.
The Betty Tea Room is located in the bustling business district of downtown York, with large corner glass windows and a large gold signboard: Bettys Caf Tea Rooms. On the two sides of the glass door are large flower baskets filled with white flowers, which are gorgeous and elegant. This is a tea room that has been in existence for more than 90 years. Every year, you can always see the long queues, which are very popular. The gold frame at the door of the tea room is inlaid with the menu and the introduction of Mrs. Betty's afternoon tea. The whole tea room looks elegant and elegant, and is worthy of the representative tea room of the classic afternoon tea. Tea room is divided into two floors below and upstairs. The ground-floor lobby is decorated in a typical European style with a sense of space, a piano table and a dessert table with high points, and giant glass windows that bring York's super-historic streetscape into the interior. British gentlemen and ladies sitting at the window seat, holding delicate teacups, can see the ancient buildings outside the window and the people coming and going, so that you can see the classical architecture and feel the stylish and elegant atmosphere. It is really great. ! If you are two people, you can order a Bettys Traditional Afternoon Tea like us. According to the traditional English afternoon tea, the order of eating snacks should be from the bottom up. That is to say, the taste is from light to strong from salty to sweet. There is a time to enjoy a cup of tea in the tasting room.
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