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As the largest Gothic church north of the European Alps, York Minster has no reason not to go. The stained-glass windows here are the oldest and well-preserved windows of York Minster. Most of the stained glass dates back to 1250. The patterns depict the Bible stories and the actions of the saints to educate. The church built with stone is magnificent and exquisitely crafted. It has remained solid and straightforward for hundreds of years. Built in the 15th century choir screen, the 15 kings who were in the position from William I to Henry VI were painted as kings, with portraits of 7 and 8 kings. Walking through the screens and choirs, to the Church of Our Lady, behind the altar and the stunning East Window. The area of the Great East Window is equivalent to a tennis court. It is one of the most important parts of this cathedral. It depicts the world of creation in Genesis and the end of the world in Revelation. It is quite shocking. If you climb the top of the tower more than 70 meters, you can see the panoramic view of York, but you have to climb 275 stairs at the top of the tower. Don't ask me how to stick to it. In order to capture the panoramic view of York, I also fight, climb the stairs and climb to life.
Posted: 29 Nov, 2018
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Castle Howard
Sophie's UK Travel | York Howard Castle 2015 Jay Chou chose Howard Castle as a banquet for the wedding reception in Kunling. The location is just an hour away from the outskirts of York city centre. In fact, it is not a military defense castle, but a private estate of the British noble Howard family. Because the traffic is not too convenient, there are not many tourists. Monday to Saturday can be reached by public bus 181. There are five shuttle buses per day. The interval is very long. There are 3 buses on Sundays 180 and 181. You must be optimistic about the round-trip transportation time in advance to avoid missed. The private party on the evening of the dinner did not have a public photo of the wedding party. The Jay fans should of course come and see. Tickets are divided into garden and garden plus main building. Tickets for the garden plus main building are 18.9. It is recommended to buy this. The entrance is a large rose garden. In May, only a few large roses were seen. The entrance to the castle building was at a small gate at the end of the rose garden, and I walked away without paying attention. Through a large meadow and lake, the legendary castle appears in front of you, and there are many activities on Sundays, just encountering the traditional celebrations of Peter Rabbit and British Aunt, seeing their British traditional square dance feel Very interesting, and the host will invite visitors to join the orchestra. This asymmetrical main building castle, built on the lawn, was built more than 300 years ago and has been owned by the Howard family. Entering the main building, the rich aristocratic atmosphere comes from all over the place. All the furnishings, furniture and layout are the best aristocratic model houses.
Castle Howard
The exquisite Italian-style garden is behind the main building, and the entire building is completely integrated into the artificially beautified nature. The entrance hall is gorgeous and the circular staircase surrounds the top of the building. Columns, vaults, and surrounding walls are covered with exquisite carvings and paintings. The stained glass in the chapel is a boutique in the building. The sunny light shines from the high window and the interior is full of brilliance. Howard Castle is a rule that faces the south of the 17th century in the UK, and the facade is facing north. The hall is located in the center of the building. It covers an area of 515 square meters and is 20 meters high. The central dome is a typical Baroque style. It was designed and built by the famous architect Carpenter. On both sides of the main entrance is the antique corridor in the old castle, which houses the antiques collected by the Earl of Carlisle in the 18th and 19th centuries. The mythical figures and the gods in various civilizations reflect the classical civilization and mysterious culture at that time. Strong interest. The furniture in the museum hall includes chairs from the Regency era, Persian rugs and many portraits of 17th-century family members. The portraits on the promenade are simply the genealogy of the Howard family. The chapel is located in the west wing of the castle. The stained glass is the Lord Stanton and the then Naval Minister Howard was transformed from 1870 to 1875.
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