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City Park
Takinoue ParkNearby City

Takinoue Park

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"City Park"
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"Visiting the park in early June, with its lush plants and magnificent scenery, gave me a very special and memorable experience. It was one of the scene-finding sites of the 17-summer video of “Eternal Imprints” by Zhang Xinzhe. The park is free and the visitors are few and far between, but all the facilities are well maintained. Follow the footnotes of the film crew, walk up the two suspension bridges, appreciate the water washed out of the unique landscape, and feel the trip, also understand why to set up the park in this off-the-road, and specially built two pedestrian suspension bridges. ps. This is the kasakami Park near yubari to see the scenery of the yubari gawa River. It is within 10 minutes walk from JR kasakami station. It is not the kasakami Shiba Cho park in Monbetsu county. There is no Shiba Cho in the legend. The store at the door was not open. Friends who come to play, please bring your own water and dry grain ~ Figure 9 has a timetable with the station on JR. In addition, if you want to taste the best in the world, eat the lingering melons, park nearby, of course, season is appropriate. Turn left outside the park, cross the parking lot and cross the railway, then turn left back a little, there is a shop with flags and big advertisements. We can see the advertisement across the road when we are in the park, so out of the park to go there, there is really hungry and tired, very warm is actually met the Chinese speaking shop assistant brother, he is very enthusiastic to introduce us to the store selling honey melon, also give us taste. We saw the price...(it was very expensive) and thought we walked here and bought one, cut it off on the spot, it was really delicious, sweet and soft, well known, using disposable plastic chopsticks to get to the skin, very familiar but not a bit broken (The price is based on the sweetness of 2500 ~ 5500 yen per piece), they can't finish eating them and help us pack. There are also special products selling various melon flavors in the store, and bought a bunch of them to send people back. The specialty is not really special, but every time I remember that melon, I wish I could eat it again. The last picture is the door of the store ~"