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Red Rock Gorge

Red Rock Gorge

4.4/5370 Reviews
Red Rock Gorge is in the north of Yulin City. Because the rocks on the mountain are mostly red, it is called Red Rock Gorge. Also known as Xiongshi Gorge, it sits in the Yuxi Valley at the foot of Hongshan Mountain and at the gate of Ming Great Wall. There are temples, grottoes and rock carvings in Red Rock Gorge. The rock carvings are divided into two parts, east and west. Most of them are works of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There is much recent celebrity calligraphy, which attracts calligraphy lovers.
Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain

4.5/568 Reviews
Baiyun Mountain is located about 5 kilometers south of Jia County in Yulin City on the edge of the Yellow River. As it is often shrouded in white clouds, the mountain is named 'Baiyun' (Chinese for white cloud) mountain. Amongst the mountainous scenery, there is a Taoist temple named Baiyun Temple. It is said that Li Yufeng, a Taoist scholar from Zhongnan Mountain, came to Baiyun Mountain to collect medicine for the treatment of diseases and to help all living beings, and built Baiyun Temple on the mountain. The mainly Taoist architecture sits alongside Buddhist and Confucian temples and also contains culturally exquisite sculptures, paintings and calligraphy.
Jian'an Fort

Jian'an Fort

4.4/510 Reviews
Historical Site
Hongjiannao Wetland

Hongjiannao WetlandNearby City

4.2/5363 Reviews
Hongjiannao Wetland is in the northeast corner of Erlingtu Town, Shenmu County, Yulin City. It is a large inland freshwater lake in Shaanxi Province and is known as the "Pearl in Sand Sea." Visitors enjoy sunshine and watch gulls, geese and fish stocks in the lake of this picturesque wetland. On the southwest bank, there is a peninsula where you can find many wild psammophyte plants thriving in the sands. It's a must-go spot.
The Wave Valley

The Wave ValleyNearby City

4.5/5375 Reviews
Geological Sites
Wavy Valley is also known as Jingbian Red Sand Rock Canyon. It is part of the Jingbian Longzhou Danxia Landform and is located in Yanjiazhaizi in Longzhou Township, southeast of Jingbian County. The Wavy Valley is a red sandstone landform with a magical appearance and high scientific research value. The spectacular landscape naturally formed over hundreds of millions of years. It is rare in China and can compete with the Danxia landform in the United States!
Erlang Mountain Resort

Erlang Mountain ResortNearby City

4.6/5114 Reviews
Erlang Mountain is commonly known as Xishan, and is also known as "Hump Mountain," located in the west of Shenmu County in Yulin. The slopes of Erlang Mountain are serpentine and steep. On the west side, the mountain side is sandy and rocky with many fruit trees scattered throughout. On the east side, pine trees grow on steep rocky cliffs. During the Ming Dynasty, in the thirteenth year of Zhengde (1518), Emperor Wu Zong came to this mountain. He named it Pen Holder Mountain because it shaped like a pen holder. Later, many scholars visited here and named it "Hump Mountain" since it resembles a camel's hump.
Maowusu Desert

Maowusu DesertNearby City

4.3/553 Reviews
Maowusu Desert lies between Yulin City in Shaanxi Province and E'erduosi (Yikezhaomeng) in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Great Wall crosses the southern edge of the desert from east to west. It has been proved that, in ancient times, the area was a fertile and beautiful grassland, acting as excellent pasture. Later, due to climate change and war, ground vegetation was wiped out and sand crept in, forming the desert we see today.
Subohan Grasslands

Subohan GrasslandsNearby City

4.1/5161 Reviews
Subohan Grasslands are in Ejin Horo Banner, Erdos. It was a sacred place where Mongolian Kings from seven banners held gatherings. It was also the place where soldiers of Genghis Khan were stationed and the birthplace of yurt culture of seven banners in the Yih Ju League. The area showcases nomadic and grasslands culture. There is also a yurt area of seven banners and the Nomadic Experience Area, Baita Religious Area and Nadam Activity Area. Here you can stay in yurts, taste traditional Mongolian food and ride Mongolian horses.
Baota Mountain

Baota MountainNearby City

4.3/51,524 Reviews
CCP Historical Site
Baota Mountain in located in Yan'an city center. It is famous for its tall pagoda, which dates back to the Tang dynasty and was rebuilt during the Ming dynasty. First Beach Tourist Resort is situated on the Nanhai Peninsula in Maogang District, Maoming. The resort was named by the Chinese military general Li Desheng. Next to the pagoda there is a Ming dynasty iron clock, which was used by the Communist government to report the time and issue alerts.
Qiankun Bay

Qiankun BayNearby City

4.6/5505 Reviews
Qiankun Bay lies in the Tugang Township, Yanchuan County, Yan'an City, and is a national geological park. Stepping out over Qiankun Bay and walking into the Qiankun Pavilion, you will have a panoramic view of the Qiankun Bay. They bay is shaped like the yin-yang fish of the Tai Chi Diagram, surrounded by lush green hills. People live on the mountain and yellow cattle on the grassy shore drink from the river. In addition to its magnificence and beauty, Qiankun Bay also paints a picture of life on the Loess Plateau. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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