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Zhenbei Terrace

Zhenbei Terrace

4.4/5241 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Zhenbei Terrace is located on the top of the red hill in the north of Yulin City. The town of Taibei was an observation post on the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty. It historically was also the place where the Mongolian and Han people would negotiate. Due to the threat faced, it controls the throat of the south and the north like a giant key and became one of the most important fortresses along the ancient Great Wall. Standing on the high Zhenbei Terrace, watching the scenery from the top, there is almost a feeling of actually being at an ancient time in history.


4.5/56 Reviews
Historical Site
Jian'an Fort

Jian'an Fort

4.4/510 Reviews
Historical Site
Gaojiapu Ancient City

Gaojiapu Ancient CityNearby City

4.3/591 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Folk Village
Located on the east bank of the Tuwei River in the southwestern sea of Shenmu County, Gaojiapu Ancient City was originally a city built with rammed earth walls. It was later built over with bricks in 1608, and has been repaired many times in later years. The Ancient City has one of the most relatively complete castles in Shenmu County and even in all of northern Shaanxi, with unique conservation value. Gaojiapu Ancient City has a rectangular shape. Visitors can walk a circular route along the city wall and observe the large remaining sections of the wall, which contain crenels, lookout caves, and other defense systems. There is a rolling door with a barbican in each of the east, south and west walls of the castle. These buildings, left over from the Ming Dynasty, have stood here for five or six hundred years.
Palace of Li Zicheng

Palace of Li ZichengNearby City

4.4/563 Reviews
Historical Site
Tongwan City Ruins

Tongwan City RuinsNearby City

4.5/5167 Reviews
Historical Site
The Tongwan City Ruins is located in Baichengzi (White City) Village, Hongdun Township at the north of Jingbian County. Because of its white walls, the locals named it Baichengzi (White City). Tongwan City was built in the 14th year of the reign of Emperor Yixi of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It has a history of nearly a thousand years. Tongwan City is a historical capital city which was left in ruins by the Xiongnu. The entire city is made up of an inner city and outer city. The inner city is divided into the east city and west city. The scenery of the frontier here has a desolate sort of beauty.

WanfodongNearby City

4.3/511 Reviews
Historical Site
Mausoleum of Genghis Khan

Mausoleum of Genghis KhanNearby City

4.2/5478 Reviews
The Mausoleum of Genghis Khan is near the town of Yijinhuoluo, Ordos City. It is the site holing the clothing and tombs of a proud son of heaven, Genghis Khan. It is a mausoleum guarded by the people of Daerhute for hundreds of years. Entering the gate of the scenic spot, you find the grand gatehouse and the bronze statue of Genghis Khan. Ahead is the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan. Milky walls, vermilion doors and windows, golden roof and blue clouds are very characteristic of Mongolia.
Qikou Ancient Town

Qikou Ancient TownNearby City

4.4/5267 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Qikou Ancient Town is a well-known historical and cultural town on the south side of Linxian City in Shanxi Province. The well-preserved buildings in the town date from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There are various commercial buildings, temples, houses, docks and more. The town has maintained its original size and simple layout, so it is also known as the living ancient town. On the Yellow River lies the Datong Temple in the ancient town of Qikou. It has a long reef with a large gap. The rapid currents make it very difficult for boats to pass. The ancient town of Qikou was a transit station on the main part of the Yellow River during the Ming and Qing Dynasties all through to the Warlord Era period. With the Yellow River transport links, it has become an important business location in the north.
Qianlijia Mountain

Qianlijia MountainNearby City

4.6/563 Reviews
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