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Religious Sites
Churches and Cathedrals
Catholic Church

Catholic Church

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
"Looking from a distance, I was attracted by the pointed top, and I took a closer look, oh, the Catholic Church ⛪️, below is the antique city, there are entrances and exits next to it, the overall architectural style is unique, it is really rare in China, the appearance It looks so high, but in fact there is only one floor inside. The top ceiling and four walls, especially the area on the central stage, are full of religious colors. There are double 囍 characters on each step of the church. It is said that there are many young people in Yuncheng. People like to come here to hold Western-style wedding ceremonies. Adjacent to the church is the psychological counseling center, opposite the church is Jianguo Hotel, and adjacent to Jianguo Hotel is Guanwang Temple. The temple has been identified as a national key cultural relics protection unit and is located at the end of the Phoenix Night Market. Phoenix Night Market is also called Snow Beer Street. When driving, I saw a street called Hedong Night Market and Tsingtao Beer Street. Isn’t it interesting? One brand of beer leads the street. There are more famous beer brands across the country. They say it’s a night market, but I don’t seem to see any food stalls. I don’t know if it hasn’t started yet, or it’s closed. The opposite of Phoenix Night Market is Phoenix Laojie, ancient China, Xinyuncheng, Laojie glows with the splendor of a new city, with a good name, although there is still nothing on the street. Whether it's temples, churches, restaurants, old streets, or night markets, they are all places to greet and go. The bustle and hustle and bustle are all temporary, and everything is going on. Looking at human life, it is still the best."