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About Zaoyang

Zaoyang is located in the northwest of Hubei Province, to the east of where Tangbai and Han rivers meet. The area is famous for its specialties such as Zaoyang yellow wine and sour sauce noodles. Zaoyang is the hometown of Liu Xiu, the Hanguang Martial Emperor of the Han Dynasty. It is also the “home of the Chinese peach.” The area is home to cultural heritage such as carved dragons and human remains from the Neolithic period, the Warring States era Chu Tombs at Jiuliandun, and Baishui Temple.

Popular Attractions in Zaoyang

China Han City
191 Reviews
Film Studio
Located in Zaoyang City, Hubei Province, China Seoul is a large-scale retro architectural complex that combines the essence of Han Dynasty architecture with classical garden landscape. It is divided into film and television shooting, showing Han nationality culture, tourism and sightseeing, citizen leisure and entertainment, promoting Buddhist culture, and perfecting urban functions. It is planned to be a film and television shooting location, tourism and recreation area and ecological agriculture construction area.
China Tang Town
2,049 Reviews
Film Studio
Located in the Linjiang Scenic Area of Lushan Mountain, China Tang Town is an antique park built specially to showcase Tang Dynasty architecture and culture. The park is divided into six major districts: the city tower, the palace, the market, the mansion, the temple and the water system. It includes a number of classic buildings, such as the Kaixuan Building, East-West City, Qinglong Temple and the Imperial Palace. This location is also a popular filming location, having hosted such movies as "The Demon Cat Biography", directed by Chen Kaige. There are also a number of classical performances to watch.
Journey to the West Park
426 Reviews
Hot Spring
Amusement Park
Journey to the West Park is located in Wenquan Village of Hongshan Town in Suizhou City. It has been carefully built according to the national AAAA-level scenic area standard. The scenic spot consists of nine themed parks. These include the hot spring health park, water entertainment park, animal performance park, outdoor sports park, farming experience park, racecourse, golf practice course, cross-country auto field, and the snow ski and grass ski resort.
Dahong Mountain Scenic Spot
506 Reviews
Dahong Mountain Scenic Spot boasts rich natural and human landscapes. It is a natural treasure house of animals and plants, with high forest coverage, large primitive forest communities, as well as many mammals and birds. These plants and animals form a natural park, which is known as the "back garden of Wuhan." In addition to the attractive natural scenery, there are dozens of attractions in the cave for visitors to enjoy, such as the "Dongkoubifeng," the "Jigong (The Mad Monk) looking up at sky," and the "Qu Yuan creating poems while walking."

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Zaoyang Weather

14 Jul, 2020
23 °
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Moderate Rain
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17 Jul, 2020
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Trip Moments

Posted: 3 Dec, 2018
Rachel Yu   
In Seoul, there is a village that is very special, and the dark black ink color attracts our attention. You may be as curious as I am. Whose hand is such an extraordinary building, let me tell you that this is a scene tailored for the film "Shadow" directed by Zhang Yimou. Seoul Film and Television Base is a famous director Zhang Yimou tailored for its 2018 giant "Shadow", ancient village ancient street, ancient and full of traditional ink and wash. It is said that Zhang Yimou's tour guide has turned all the scenes of the village's houses and roads, as well as the costumes of the actors, into black and white. It is intended to achieve the effect of ink color when shooting, not relying on the later stage. This kind of landscaping art is indeed superb. The hue of is really easy to calm down, and at the same time full of mystery, people can't bear to disturb this quiet and mysterious ancient village. In the ancient village, there is a very large slope, many people will wonder why it is so constructed, it is said to be for special effects. said: Its better to forget each other in the rivers and lakes! I would like to say: forget about the rivers and lakes, it is better to come here to experience the rivers and lakes! Recently, the bowling wine was very hot on the vibrato, and it was also found in the Seoul Film and Television Base. Let's fall into a bowl and experience the heroic. In the ancient village, there will always be a sly figure. This is not really embarrassing, you don't have to stay away from it, he is a performing artist in the scenic spot, you may wish to interact with it. Give the "one tip" of the yuan, which will be used in the programs in the ancient village. It is also said that the little brother's Allegro is not bad.
Posted: 3 Jan, 2019
Rachel Yu   
The Deyang Hall, where dragons and dragons are painted, magnificent, and luxuriously decorated, is the place where Liu Xiu and Wenwu Baiguan went to the early days. Here, a grand ceremony will be staged. The Grand Prix was an important court ceremony held by the new emperor, and it was usually held within a month of the death of the old emperor. The imposing Guangwu Emperor's enthronement ceremony began, and the civil and military officials gathered together. In ancient times, in most cases, when the old emperor passed away, the next generation of emperors and ministers would be around. The old emperor was cut off, and the ministers would immediately pay homage to the new emperor. This is actually a throne. After the death of the emperor, the new emperor will still be called the emperor by the ministers before the new emperor's grand ceremony. After the completion of the ceremony, he is the emperor. Therefore, the enthronement ceremony is particularly important and extremely heavy. After the emperor and the empress sat on the magnificent dragon chair, the emissaries of various countries began to glimpse, and the wonderful song and dance performances were also performed one after another. The graceful dance poses the different flavors of the country. The speech at the ceremony was so powerful and powerful. In the end, the new emperor was enthroned, and the bookmakers were inevitable. Looking at this scene, I don't know if I should go back to the Han Dynasty or walk into the film and television drama.
Posted: 25 Jan, 2019
Rachel Yu   
In Seoul, there are many research and experience projects. When you have fun, you can also learn about Han culture in detail. Han Dynasty culture unified, science and technology developed, Han culture circle represented by Confucian culture was formally established, Huaxia people gradually became known as Han nationality since the Han Dynasty. The Live Printing Museum introduces one of the four inventions, Bi Sheng's movable type printing, into the building to provide a cultural experience project that combines experience and display. Visitors can filter their favorite fonts, apply ink on the rice paper, and then leave their own name, and decorate it for commemoration. You can also use the ancient letterpress printing machine to personally print your favorite bookmarks and send them to friends and family. Gufa Paper Museum introduces Cai Lun's ancient papermaking technique, one of the four inventions, into the museum to provide experience and display in a cultural experience project, from raw material selection, cooking, mashing, soaking, to Papermaking, fine processing, secondary casting, etc., until drying to the finished product, let me feel the true meaning of ancient paper. The Han Dynasty Entertainment Experience Hall is a venue for restoring ancient court entertainment and competition in accordance with historical documents. It is committed to promoting Chinese culture and promoting green and healthy entertainment. The experience projects include Zhuge Lian, Yan Pill, Wood Shooting, and shooting. Let our trip be fun. In the Lingtai of the Han Palace, there is a magical instrument, that is, a seismograph of one of the four inventions. Put in the game currency and keep jumping on the pedals in the experience area, waiting for the test. The faucet that the tourist jumps will brighten his eyes and spurt a spark. After the earthquake rating on the display, it is very interesting.
Posted: 9 Jan, 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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