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Art Museum
Linyishi Gallery (shushengge)Nearby City

Linyishi Gallery (shushengge)

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"Art Museum"
"Linyi Short Travel ️ Tourism Raiders (Composite Urban Suburbs) Linyi is a treasure, worth digging deeply, today take you all to dig up Linyi's super complete travel strategy. 1️⃣ Traffic & #128692; ‍♀️ & #128762; & #128651; & #128670; Airport ️: Also, there is K201.89.18.6 bus to the city. High-speed rail station: relatively remote, less bus ~G1.k10k81 Railway Station: The location is very good, Brt1 Dawangsi's former residence bus station: the tourist line line 1 passes, can reach Wangsi's former residence, the bus station is very close to Linyi University, good scenery can go to play ~ self-driving tour: ️ Linyi's traffic planning is easy to step, In the city, it is not as convenient as with 🚖 sharing electric bikes can also ~2️⃣ gourmet 🌮 Hunan Yacha Chicken, Gao Wei Chao Chicken, Yangqi Boutique, Linyi, Gold Medal 🏅️ Bao La, A Shui Dacup Tea, Shanzhu Tea, Courtyard Mass hot, Falling Crayfish 🦞, Kaiyang Road Night Market snacks. 3️⃣Accommodation & #128719;️Near the train station, it is recommended to see the hotel from the Huaihe to Mr. Duo, high-end type, good service, Mr.d. Urban area recommended Morandi Hotel, high-end type, the fragrance of his orange flowers is too good to smell! Ramada Ann can be good, Atour Hotel can also ~4️⃣ play the famous scenic spots: Mengshan & #127966; Snow Mountain Rainbow Valley, Lishui Natural Underground Gallery, Yunpu Dongtian, Lanling National Agriculture & #127957; Park, Kwuntang Hot Spring ️ Resort, Jiujian shed, Longyuan, Wang Qizhi's former residence, Yimeng & #127962; Town, Wohushan & #127956; Pressure Gully & #128171; 5️⃣ Super suitable photo punching point 1. Old Shiwei Courtyard, literary youth must go! Super creative design 2. The former residence of Wang Qi, ancient wind lovers do not Wake up in the morning and drink a porridge, then you can go to Wang Ling's former residence and art gallery, eat a fried chicken at noon, in the afternoon you can go to the courtyard to punch in, and then go to Crouching Tiger Mountain. Day 2: In the evening to Lanling, live in the agricultural park, super comfortable air, fresh homestay, the next morning to visit Lanling National Agriculture Park and then go to Yimeng Old Street and oil hook. Day 3: On the third day, you can choose to go to the Longyuan Garden, then go to the town of Yimeng, go to the world to see the world, and see the world's beauty ~[Flying Kiss R][Flying Kiss R][Flying Kiss R] other self-selection match Oh. @薯队长@Life potato"