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The former residence of Li Keran Art MuseumNearby City

The former residence of Li Keran Art Museum

4.2/510 Reviews
"Famous Residences"
"Li Keran's former residence art museum. The Arts Exhibition Building is divided into two floors, showing more than 40 works of the ancient works, such as Li Keran's "Zhanjiang Landscape Tennessee", "Huangshan Yanyun", "Jiangnan Xiyu", "Hetang Xiaoxia", "Wu Niu" and "Bitterness". The hall also displays various versions of Li Keran art collections, treatises, large-scale picture books, and expert research at home and abroad review Li Keran monographs. Xuzhou folk houses have both the influence of the North and South style. The focus is on the general house heavy, closed, only the living room light, open, Li can dye the old house is no exception. The west house main house and the north-south wing house are thick closed, relatively tall northern buildings, in the restoration of the high room, the roof decorated with a high ventilation ridge, the gable wall decorated with the mountain flowers and clouds patterns, highlight the position of the main house. In the restoration, two pillars, stone drums and sills were added under the eaves to show the lightness and openness of the southern architecture. In addition, wooden shavings were installed on one wall of the whole building, and designs such as lotus, chrysanthemum and plum were carved on the beams of the pillars. The whole style of the old house is compatible with the north and south, and is a complete integration. The first restoration of the old house, installed in the box is square, tiles and designs are dragon and phoenix, these are official style of architectural components, not the style of the residential. Therefore, the second restoration, the above building components were changed to semi-circular coconut and flower carp worm pattern of tiles, thus truly reflect the folk characteristics of Xuzhou."