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Water Park
Big Hippo Water WorldNearby City

Big Hippo Water World

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"Water Park"
Business hours TBA (Local time)
"Big hippo water world, open at 10 o'clock in the morning, buy tickets on, first to pick up the ticket at window 8, when picking up the ticket, you need the order number and ID card. Also enter the finger model of the index finger, enter the scene by finger model. After entering the left front is the storage cabinet, 20 yuan a cabinet, but also pay 20 yuan deposit, WeChat pays 40 yuan, the deposit leaves when WeChat returns. Then go to the dressing room to change clothes, the dressing room has no door, no drawer, no hot water, others walk through the light, the design is very bad. After that, go to the cabinet to store debris, then can play. The left is the parent-child water park, children play. The left end is the most exciting speed slide 50 meters high, it seems not to open in the morning, in the afternoon, it is open. On the right is the swimming pool and various slides, adults and children can play. We played the extreme speed slide, the rotating slide, the double dragon play bead slide, and the drift slide sitting on the air cushion, all are very fun, very exciting, adults and children can play very happy. A little pity, the standard pool and rafting are repaired. There were fewer people this morning, about 100 people, and about 300 people in the afternoon. There is a canopy next to each play item, which is quite human. A ticket is for full play, no extra money. There are fewer people on the exciting slide project. It is usually 1 to 2 people in line. The swimming pool is generally at two o'clock, there are big waves at four o'clock, but the water is a bit dirty, some dirty floating objects, and the water is yellowing. It is not bad compared to going to Chimelong Water Park, it does not take more than 30 minutes to queue. Less people, although the project is also less, but I think enough play, after all, money is more than half less than Chimelong, more economical. I think a full score of 10 points can get 9 points."