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About Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou is located in central China. It is an important railway hub and an up and coming, vibrant city full of life. The area surrounding the Erqi Memorial Tower is representative of old Zhengzhou. Zhengdong New District, designed by the architectural master Kisho Kurokawa, is the future of the new Zhengzhou. You can visit the Henan Provincial Museum to see various ancient items that have borne witness to central China's history, or you can go see the beautiful and intelligently designed new CBD at Zhengdong New District to get a feeling for the city’s modernity. Songshan Mountain and the ancient architectural complex represented by the famous Shaolin Temple are located in Zhengzhou's Dengfeng County. This gorgeous area is not to be missed. The chance to enjoy real Shaolin martial art performances at the original Shaolin Temple while surrounded by ancient architecture is something rare and exceptional. While here you are certain to feel the charm of world cultural heritage.

Popular Attractions in Zhengzhou

Shaolin Temple
6,935 Reviews
Shaolin Temple is not only the holy place of the Buddhist "Zen", but also the sacred place of the world martial arts. They all said that "the martial arts in the world are born in Shaolin." Not to mention the local people who have been influenced by Shaolin Kungfu since childhood, many other foreign visitors will also want to visit the Shaolin Temple. Try mimicking a few classic martial arts moves at the Shaolin Temple, and imagine a flurry of swords and shadows come to life in front of you.
Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure
3,415 Reviews
Theme Park
Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure is a popular theme park in Zhengzhou. The park is built on the south side of the intersection of Zhengkai Avenue and Renwen Road, opposite the Green Expo Park. The park contains more than 20 entertainment rides, such as Sky Sailor, Dinosaur Crisis, Escape from Dinosaur Island, Tanggula Snow Mountain, and Eye of the Storm. The facilities there are well equipped and suitable for tourists of all ages.
Zhengzhou Aquarium
2,224 Reviews
Zhengzhou Aquarium boasts a variety of galleries such as a freshwater gallery, a marine animal performance theater, a coral reef gallery, an underwater tunnel gallery, an ocean theater, and a Caribbean town. Here you can see mysterious rainforest wonders, colorful coral reef fish, and starfish and turtles that you can actually touch. This is a great place for a family weekend getaway in Zhengzhou.
Zhengzhou Fantawild Dream Kingdom
1,706 Reviews
Theme Park
Zhengzhou Fang Te Fantasy Kingdom is a cultural science and technology theme park based on Chinese mythology. It exquisitely integrates cartoon, movie stunts and other international fashion entertainment elements with Chinese classical myths and cultural elements. There are several indoor and outdoor activities such as the Qinling Adventure, Magic Castle, The Decisive battle of Jinshan Temple, and Journey to the West, which are suitable for children of all ages.

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Trip Moments

In addition to the Happy World and the Dream Kingdom, Zhengzhou Fangte also has a water park. It is connected to the hotel, and from time to time can see the mother and father with the children to change the swimsuit and blouse, from the hotel directly into the park. After entering the park, there is a window for renting storage space, and the storage space is rented for 1 day and 15 yuan. The star project "Big Horn" is the most recommended event. From the five or six-story building, sitting on the rubber sofa and circling down the water, it is very exciting! Screaming again and again! Very intimate, the park allows mobile phones to be carried all the way, and there is a free network, so the queue will not be boring, just put the phone in a waterproof bag while playing the project, just hang on the body. More exciting is the rainbow slide. This is a single-person project, and it is open-ended, watching it slide from the height of several floors to the ground, and there is no need to rely on the blanket underneath. The wind whispers in the ear, and the feeling of weightlessness "cannot stop." The strongest weight loss is another star project "flying into the sky." This is a very straight project, like a roller coaster for a mobile game, bypassing a spiral chute from a height of 19 meters, then sliding down at a high altitude along a large slope at a 45-degree angle, and then rushing across the opposite side. The big landslide, the pursuit of the heartbeat brought by weightlessness.
Posted: 21 Nov, 2018
The Confucian Temple in the center of Zhengzhou was once the largest ancient architectural complex in the area. It is now free to open many places in the country have Confucius Temples or Confucius Temples. This is the place where Confucius is worshipped. The largest and earliest Confucius Temple in the country is the Confucius hometown of Qufu, Shandong. Confucius Temple has been included in the World Cultural Heritage. In Zhengzhou, Henan, there is also a Confucian Temple. The Zhengzhou Confucian Temple is located in the old town of the city center. It has a long history and is earlier than most Confucius Temples in the country. Founded in the Yongping Period of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhengzhou Confucian Temple was the oldest and largest ancient architectural complex in Zhengzhou. The Zhengzhou Confucian Temple once had more than 200 temples and pavilions, covering an area of about 50,000 square meters. There is one street crossing in the east and west. However, the scale of the Confucian Temple is now very small. There are only two ancient buildings and several small rooms in Dacheng Hall and Tuen Mun. The current Confucian Temple is a free and open tourist attraction, but there are not many foreign tourists. Most of the time is very deserted. Some locals are resting at the entrance of the Temple of Literature. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, there were 37 acres of the Temple of Literature, consisting of the front yard, the middle court and the back yard. The front yard has the Xingxing Gate, Dianchi Lake and Tuen Mun. There are Dacheng Hall and East-West Gallery in the Intermediate Court. In the backyard, there are Minglun Hall, Jingting Pavilion and Zunjing Pavilion. Dacheng Hall is the essence of the Confucian Temple. This temple has been repeatedly destroyed by fires in the history of the temple. The most recent fire occurred during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. All the buildings were almost burned out, and the scale after reconstruction was much smaller than before. The existing Dacheng Hall is still an ancient building of the Qing Dynasty and has a high historical value. The entire Confucian Temple is antique and solemn, next to the historic site of the historic city. Confucian Temple is easily accessible by subway and you can walk to the "East Street" station and walk. The scenic spots in the old city of Zhengzhou are relatively concentrated. The Erqi Memorial Tower in the city center was once the symbol of Zhengzhou. Nowadays, with the vigorous development of Zhengdong New District and the high-rise buildings, the urban style has undergone tremendous changes.
Posted: 17 May, 2019
Niwarthana Ranaweera   
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