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Cross Harbour TunnelNearby City

Cross Harbour Tunnel

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Cynthia wei
"How can you not take pictures to the undersea world of Nanjing? Here I would recommend two holy places for taking pictures, the first is the jellyfish museum, the other is the submarine tunnel. The jellyfish museum has colorful colors, the submarine tunnel has the blue lighting down. Clothing is recommended to wear a brighter, in this case, the color is better, and the hair is recommended to tie up, so that it is easy to highlight the face shape, because the jellyfish museum in addition to the jellyfish glass is bright, most of it is a darker color, this is very suitable for silhouette, It is also suitable to take photos with jellyfish. The submarine tunnel is also super suitable for taking pictures. I would like to tell you that basically the children in the submarine tunnel are home after four o'clock. There are very few people here. It is super suitable for taking pictures. We have been taking pictures here for a long time. Squatting on the glass to see the fish, or can use the finger, when the rain swim when a photograph, the inside of the glass lamp spilled down through the glass, shine on the face, will not feel very blue skin, but very white. Stand in the middle of the tunnel, from the net can shoot to shoot people and the whole glass tunnel, must find the place with light source, or it will be very dark. Most of the feeling is shimmering, as if still in a sea. Travel tips play time: about four hours traffic: take the sightseeing car line 1 to the underwater world station and get off at 330 meters to reach the Nanjing underwater world ticket: adults (including children 1.5 meters): 150 yuan; children (1.2 meters-1.5 meters): 100 yuan; Children over 70 years of age and under 1.2 meters (to be accompanied) are free; 60-69 Old people, military personnel, disabled people 75 yuan; students 120 yuan; Year Card (Bring ID card and photo when you apply) Adult: 300 yuan, Children: 200 yuan Open Time: 08:30-17:00 (02Monday 26-November 25-Monday )09:00-16:30 (11Monday 26-Monday 25-Sunday 02-02) Closed for 30 days in the next year"
Shuimu TempleNearby City

Shuimu Temple

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Cynthia wei
"How can you not take pictures when you come to Nanjing Underwater World? Here I would like to recommend two sacred places that are suitable for taking pictures. The first is the Jellyfish Pavilion, and the other is the underwater tunnel. There are colorful colors in the jellyfish pavilion, and the blue light spilled from the undersea tunnel. It is recommended to wear brighter clothes, in this case, the color is better, and the hair is recommended to tie up, so that it is easy to highlight the face, because the jellyfish hall is bright, most of which are darker colors. The side is very suitable for taking silhouettes, and also very suitable for taking pictures facing the jellyfish. There are a lot of oval glass frames in the jellyfish pavilion, with jellyfish of different colors on the back, bright and shiny, and people just sit in front or stand casually and have a concave shape to look good. The jellyfish behind are swimming around. , Take a picture of a big scene, this kind of artistic conception is also beautiful. There is also a place in the jellyfish pavilion that consists of four large glass tanks. This jellyfish tank is made up of several colors and is colorful, and the person sitting there is a picture. In addition to the oval-shaped jellyfish stem, there is also a round jellyfish tank. There is a place to do it. Some silhouettes are also very beautiful. Lie on the glass and look at each other with jellyfish of different colors. Sometimes the jellyfish change colors. It makes you very attentive when you look at it. It feels that they are unusually beautiful. This kind of fit is very suitable for horizontal composition. Wait until the jellyfish. In the current scene, people and jellyfish are in the same picture, and they can be clearly seen. Play Tips Play time: about four hours Transportation: Take the sightseeing bus line 1 to Underwater World Station and walk 330 meters to reach Nanjing Underwater World Tickets: Adults (including children over 1.5 meters): 150 yuan; Children (1.2 meters) -1.5 meters): 100 yuan; children over 70 years old and under 1.2 meters (accompanied) are free; 60-69 years old people, soldiers, and disabled 75 yuan; students 120 yuan; annual card (bring ID card and photo when applying ) Adults: 300 yuan, children: 200 yuan Opening hours: 08:30-17:00 (February 26th-November 25th Monday-Sunday) 09:00-16:30 (November 26th-the following year February 25, Monday-Sunday) Closed for one day on New Year’s Eve"