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Wailingding Island
Outer Island, Zhuhai City.
Old Lake Walker
The Food Street of the Changlong Hengqin Bay Hotel is located in the Haima District on the first floor of the hotel. The decoration is modern and stylish, and full of fisherman style. A wooden sailing boat at the entrance means full of loads, and the restaurants floor and walls are covered. The representative Hengqin shell, even the lighting is the shape of the cage. The restaurant has a large environment, with a hall and a number of private rooms, an open kitchen, which looks clean and hygienic! Just waited for the waiter to hand over the hot towel, start pouring tea for us, and also sent a few pre-dinner snacks. The fish and oysters are the classics in Shunde cuisine. The fish soup is stewed until it is completely milky. The melon and the fish are well-defined. The melon meat is full of soup, and it is clear and sweet. With a thick fishy fragrance, this dish is cumbersome and delicate, and it is definitely a must-eat for gourmets! Zhuhai is located at the junction of salty and fresh water. It is rich in all kinds of seafood. It is famous for its raw oysters, especially Hengqin oysters, so dont miss it. There are many oysters. It is recommended to eat the original flavor. The garlic is steamed, the meat is tender and tender, and the juice is splashed. The meat is delicious and plump. It really is a well-deserved reputation. Of course, in addition to raw oysters, there are gold and silver garlic steamed oysters, scallions and osmanthus fish, ginger and onion fried Wanshan red crab, delicious Cantonese seafood, fresh and tender, no loss of standard Don't say it, just take a look and it will make you drool, and you won't feel like you have come to a seaside city after eating. [Yugang Food Street] Business hours: 7:00-9:00, 9:30-14:00, 17:30-21:30
Wan Chai Tourist Pier
Left-handed Macau, right-handed Zhuhai Macau's round-the-island tour at Wanchai Ferry is also a sight to visit in Zhuhai. There was no convenience in the Mainland to Macau. It is always not easy to think of Macau to see the different styles from the mainland. The sea surface is only a few tens of meters apart, but it is a completely different style and taste. So Macau's round-the-island tour was once the best way for people who couldn't travel to Macau to see the city. Although you can't experience the drunken fans here, you can't take a closer look at the painted and colorful buildings here, but far away. This city can also satisfy people's expectations and satisfy their expectations. Get on the boat in Wanchai, the cruise ship rides the wind and waves, will circle around Macau, and the beautiful scenery of Macau can be seen on the boat. The three-color jewel box of the general MGM, the unique style of the new Lisboa, Jinsha, Xinyi Studio, these can even be seen as a city landmark hotel. Of course, buildings such as the Wanghai Guanyin and Macao Sightseeing Towers in Macau can also be seen while driving. The cruise ship will also pass through the Wanchai Bridge and the Macao Bridge on the island of Macao and Taipa Island. Finally, it will pass through the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, which is a miracle in the history of architecture. After passing through the sea, if you are lucky, Here you can see the cherished white dolphins, the Chinese white dolphin known as the "big panda at sea." This spring day, overlooking Macau's bustling city on the boat, it is also a different kind of enjoyment to see the traditional architecture of Portugal and the unique modern architecture. If you are lucky, you will encounter a white dolphin.
vivi slow life
Dong'ao Island
The island has always been the preferred destination for tourists' holiday travel. There are many islands in China's coastal areas. Although some small islands are not famous, they are very special. Dongao Island in the Dawan District of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is a good tourist resort. In 2018, Huang Lei, Huang Wei, Luo Zhixiang and others once recorded the popular variety show "Extreme Challenge" in Dongao Island, which increased the popularity of Dongao Island, but there was no red. At present, there are only four passenger ships that travel from Zhuhai Xiangzhou Port to Dongao Island every day, and the tourism development speed is slow. Dongao Island is surrounded by many cliffs. Some beaches are covered with reefs of various shapes. The island also has sandy beaches. The scenery of Nansha Bay is the most beautiful. It is also the base of the island's water recreation project. In addition, Axe Mountain, Dazhuwan, Honeymoon Pavilion and Dong'ao Bay are good check-in points. If you appreciate the sunset, it is recommended to go to Dongao Bay. In addition to the pier and the vicinity of Nansha Bay, many areas of the island have not yet been developed, retaining the more primitive natural features, and the feeling of visiting Taoyuan during the tour. Dong'ao Island has an excellent ecological environment and good water quality. There are not many resort hotels and inns in cities or scenic spots where tourism is very mature, such as Sanya. The number of gourmet restaurants is far less than that of Sanya, Lijiang, Dali, etc., but there are many fresh foods on the island. Sea fish. The seafood wholesale market close to the passenger ship terminal is one of the island's red card punching sites. Many tourists will choose seafood here and then take it to a nearby restaurant for processing.
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