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Things To Do in Zhuoni

15 Reviews
City | ​​landmark
顺时针1986Whenever I read Cangyang Gyatso's masterpiece "That Month, That Year, That Life", what always comes to my mind is a picture of the Snowy Buddha Kingdom, the Pure Land of Brahma, and people with faith crawling on the ground. The image of the long head approaching the Buddha. The height of the mountains, the blue sky, the beauty of clouds, the spirit of water, and the pure air are the secrets that I longed for in my heart and dreams. I got up and set foot in the distance, just to find the heaven and earth that I yearn for in the middle and long distances. The desolation and the throbbing of the heart, outside the world, the untouched scenes should not only appear in dreams. In fact, you don't need to be in Tibet or in western Sichuan, Gannan Zhuoni can present you a different Brahma Pure Land. At the beginning of the last century, this beautiful place was published by the American Austrian botanist and anthropologist Locke on what he had seen and heard during his two-year stay in the American magazine "National Geographic". Zhuoni surprised the world. In July, we re-take the Rock Road, while exploring the cultural and historical relics of Zhuoni, feel the most beautiful section of self-driving road in the world (we call it Rock Road), showing you a pure natural scenery and "The hometown of the king of Tibet" and "the hometown of Tao Yan" are the secret realm of Zhuoni. Snowland Buddha Kingdom, Brahma Pure Land, Gannan Zhuoni is a secret land with pure natural scenery and profound cultural background of "Hometown of Tibetan King" and "Hometown of Taoyan". The Zhuoni International Self-Driving Carnival in July and August every year is a worthwhile trip. The best way for Zhuoni to travel is by car. The scenery along the way is beautiful and everywhere, you can stop by the roadside at any time to watch, and there is no train in Gannan Prefecture. As Zhuoni is close to the northern part of Sichuan, it is recommended to visit it with other places in Gannan and Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong and Ruoergai in Aba Prefecture of Sichuan. The scenery here is relatively primitive and there are almost no tickets. The biggest expense is transportation. The main line is to play. Basically, the charter fee for 2-3 days is more than 1,000 yuan. Dayugou, Chanding Temple, and Zhagara are all highly recommended attractions.
Dayu National Forest Park
12 Reviews
顺时针1986Dayugou Forest Park is located in Muer Township, Zhuoni County, 30 kilometers away from the county seat. It is a national 4A-level scenic spot. I have seen a lot of forest parks, but it is amazing here. It can be said that this is Zhuoni’s travel card and one of the top ten scenic spots in Gannan. Unfortunately, because we have to hurry to Qibu Beach, we are only here due to time. Looked around. There are big differences in the vertical distribution of organisms in Dayu Scenic Area, with bare rock above the snow line of Dieshan, followed by alpine pastures, virgin forests, low mountain grasses, shrubs, and crops. The reason why it became a national forest park is that it is located in the hinterland of the Taohe forest area. The ridges of the ditch are stacked with high mountains, the tops of the flat and round mountains, and the gaps between the cliffs are all covered by wild trees. Going in is the virgin forest that is inaccessible. The blessed natural landscape and heavy historical dust have made this a Shambhala left in the world. The tourism resources of Dayugou are dominated by streams, lakes, canyons, mountains, wetlands, and virgin forests. It is known as "Jiuzhaigou in the south and Dayugou in the north". Dayugou has a total of 9 branch ditches, green hills dripping with green, flowing water is rhyming, and Zhuoni is surrounded by pure natural secrets.
13 Reviews
顺时针1986Niba Village is a famous Tibetan village in Zhuoni County. Most of the villagers live in the mountains. They are mostly wooden houses. When you look around, they are stacked on top of each other, and the village faces south. The Tao River tributary Cheba River is in the village. Zhong Wei Yi flows. The original half-agricultural and half-pastoral lifestyle is still preserved here. The residents of the village work at sunrise and rest at sunset. And there are many centenarians here. The oldest old in the village lived to be 114 years old. I believe that it is not just Zhuoni’s natural and pure living environment that prolongs life. The purity of mind brought about by Tibetan Buddhism is another. Longevity gene. Niba Village rises on the mountain and lives by the water. The mountains on both sides of the village are full of dense forests, and there are grass beaches of various sizes on the open land. The houses in the villages are similar in form. The dwellings in the villages are very dense and the houses are connected by walls. All the people in Niba Village believe in Tibetan Buddhism and retain a strong religious atmosphere. A white pagoda by the river is a place where people in the village conduct religious activities. Around the tower are corridors of Mani barrels. Some large Mani barrels are tied with ropes woven from wool of various colors. The other end of the rope is tied to the pillars. Pull the rope and the Mani barrels will rotate and pull a few at the same time. One rope will turn several Mani buckets at the same time. This is for Tibetan elderly people. These wool ropes allow them to sit on the ground and pull the rope to complete their prayers. Here, faith is deeply rooted in the hearts of every villager, and it is reflected in every detail of life. Every day, it will come to the turning gallery to turn the prayer tube. Tips for visiting Niba Village: 1. There is a shuttle bus from Zhuoni County to Niba Village, which departs daily through Gongba Temple and Malu Town. It is a private contractor. You need to go to the station to ask about the time and location of the bus. 2. If you want to experience Tibetan village life in depth, it is recommended to live in Niba Village for one night to fully experience the scenery and lifestyle of Niba Village. The houses on the mountain are relatively simple and the conditions under the mountain are better. You can make Tibetan meals with the owner. Accommodation is calculated per person, and the price is negotiated with the owner. The safest way to insure is to ask the secretary of the Niba village branch to lead the way to the Tibetan home. If necessary, you can leave a message in this travel blog to ask for the contact information of the secretary of the Niba village branch. 3. Niba Village does not produce vegetables. You can buy vegetables at Zhuoni’s bazaar and bring them there. The noodle soup, stewed vegetables and Tibetan dumplings made by Tibetan housewives are delicious. Warabi pork is a local specialty, but it takes a long time to make it. If you eat it, you need to book in advance. 4. Niba Village is still a virgin land that has not developed tourism. When you go here, you should have a respectful and courteous attitude, respect the habits of local villagers' production, life and religious activities, and don't chase villagers, especially the elderly, to take pictures.
Yeliguan Forest Park
186 Reviews
叮叮叮叮DongVery beautiful scenery, covered in smoke, like a dream, it is indeed a fairyland on earth, mountain streams gurgling, various trees, moss and rocks, all the way to the plank road, all the way to the scenery, the view is strong, although it is rainy, but it is not interesting.
564 Reviews
chenweiwenZhalong is a natural stone city, located in the northwest 30 kilometers of Yiwa Township, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province, the Tibetan meaning "stone hazelnut". The terrain is not only like a large-scale giant palace, but also like a natural rock wall. Zha'an's mountains are steep, cloudy and misty, and like fairyland. Many production activities in Tibet, such as nomadic pasture, farming, hunting and pick-up, are combined together and reasonably, and become a model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. "The sky is blue, the sky is blue, the woodwork is two floors, the pure Tibetan rooms are decorated carefully, the evening is over, the chimney is over, the yu yu is over the roof of the seesaw room, the quiet village and nature are one," To calm the restless spirits of the people.
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顺时针1986Taoyan Township is 55 kilometers away from Zhuoni County. From the county seat, the road conditions are not so good. It was already noon after the bumpy road. However, Zhuonitao inkstone is one of the four famous inkstones in China and belongs to the national intangible cultural heritage. Almost every household in Taoyan Township will make Taoyan inkstones, and we have the honor to visit the production site this time. According to the master who made Tao Inkstone, the best stone for making Tao Inkstone is "Old Keng Stone", produced in Lamaya and Shuiquanwan generation in Zhuoni County. The best duck head green stone produced in deep water is as neat as jade. Tao inkstone made from it has been hard to find since ancient times. Those who are interested can purchase one on site, including inkstones, tea sets, etc., at a high price. In fact, Taoyan Township is not very touristy except for visiting Xiatao Inkstone production, but the beautiful terraced fields along the way to Taoyan Township are the most unforgettable. The terraced fields covered by white mist are full of greenery, covered with a sea of flowers. Spectacular, majestic and magnificent. In fact, the most beautiful thing about Zhuoni’s trip is along the way, the most precious, often free, self-driving can stop by the roadside to watch at any time, very free and comfortable.

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Dayu National Forest Park
Dayu National Forest ParkGannan,China

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