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Xiqin Assembly Hall Salt Museum

Xiqin Assembly Hall Salt Museum

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"Historical Architecture"
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"The main buildings of Xiqin Guild Hall include the gate of Wusheng Palace, Xianji Building, Daguan Building, Fuhai Building, Jinyong Pavilion, Bengu Pavilion, etc. The entire building complex is magnificent, peculiar in shape, unrestrained and surging, with overhanging eaves and heavy pavilions, spacious and bright, each with its own characteristics. There are also magnificent grand man holding hall, tall and tall towering Kui Pavilion, and beautifully decorated nave and solemn and deep main hall. There are hundreds of exquisite inscriptions, wood carvings, stone carvings, colored paintings, and clay sculptures, which are all over the hall, which is dizzying, especially the sculptures of stone lions, performances, golden yongs, and ben drums. The stone lion at the gate is 2.27 meters high. It has a bulging nose and a curly hair. The four claws are sharp. The two lions turn their heads outwards and look at each other, opening their mouths like a roar, which is quite majestic. The woodcarvings at the 3 places, the performances, the golden yong, and the ben drum, are concentrated on a wooden fence with a length of 22.3 meters and a width of 6.7 centimeters. There are more than 350 figures, dense and decent, and sharp and sharp. In addition, the wood carvings on the forehead, lining, hanging beams, hanging flowers, railings, there are myths and legends, historical stories, social life, drama scenes, flowers and birds still life, all of them are exquisitely carved and vigorous, and they are clearly visible today. It is the precious material materials for studying the social life, opera, song and dance, religious art and so on in the Qing Dynasty. What you like can be savored carefully and studied carefully."