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Chinese Lantern Museum

Chinese Lantern Museum

4.5/5235 Reviews
Ranked #5 in Zigong Local History
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-4:30pm (Local time)
"Is the Zigong lighting party hotly searched out, really worth going? 📣 What will be different from the previous lights? Zigong has a tradition of holding a lighting party. It was held in the color light park before. In 2020, it is now moved to the eastern new city, the Chinese color lighting world, and it is everyday, unlike the Spring Festival. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Are there many people? We went in at 7 pm, there are very many people, and the nature of the attractions is more concentrated. Especially in the places waiting for the shuttle bus, it is simply crowded, too scary 😱, this is still a normal weekend, it is hard to imagine holidays. If you want to avoid the crowds, it is recommended to go early or later in the week or weekend. 🏮Is it good? The scenic area is large, the color lamp category is rich, there are 15 themes, more recommended: ▶️ Fantasy Jurassic, the color lamp of the dinosaur theme and the match of the robot dinosaur, children like. ▶️ Salt Street Lights Market, the dense Chinese-style street, the lights are shaky, there is a very Shangyuan Lantern Festival, here can also rent Hanfu photos, and there are performances of the non-destructive Weng. ▶️ Chao play alliance, integrate into the "Peace Elite" game element, colored lights present science-fiction characteristics. 💟 Show: Many areas have performances and there are many venues. The specific time depends on the information released by the official "Lamp World". 🚙 Traffic Chengdu drives to Zigong. When you leave the highway gate, you can see the sign of the parking lot of the attraction. After parking, you have to take the shuttle bus. It is free and can reach the entrance of the attraction in about 3 minutes. Free bus lines in the city can be reached. ⏰Open time 15:00-22:30(Holiday extension to 23:00, 19:00 bright spot)🎫Tickets are 70/person on weekdays, 100/person on weekends, 165/person on holidays will buy a day in advance for 5 yuan discount, 1.3Children under the age of 70, elderly people over the age of 70, medical staff and other special groups are free. 🏠 Accommodation recommended Zigong Jinling Fumu Forest Hotel, formerly called the City Celebrity Hotel, five-star, although it has been open for more than 10 years, but the experience is still very good. I came here seven or eight years ago. I thought that the room facilities would be old. I didn't think that the maintenance was good. The breakfast was also rich. The location was excellent. The price was not expensive. The price was high. 🥘 Food is recommended not far from the high-speed gate "scallion", the specialty is of course squid, there are waist flowers, spring rolls, etc., the taste is very heavy, the ingredients are fresh, at noon, the waist may not be eaten."