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About Zigui

Zigui County (秭归县) is under the administration of Yichang City in Hubei Province, and is located in the western part of Hubei. Zigui is the first county in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region and the birthplace of the Chinese poet Qu Yuan. The local area has many specialties, including Zigui tea, the red-fleshed navel orange, the Zigui summer orange and the Zigui Chinese chestnut. Zigui’s tourist attractions include the birthplace of Qu Yuan, Jiuwan Creek, Si Creek, Fenghuang Mountain, Lianzi Cliff, the Three Gorges Sea of Books and the Military Books and Precious Sword Gorge.

Popular Attractions in Zigui

Qu Yuan's Hometown
518 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Former Residence of Qu Yuan is located in Zigui County, Yichang City. The core attraction is the originally relocated building, Qu Yuan Temple. Qu Yuan Temple faces the southeast and is opposite to the front of the Three Gorges Dam. It consists of buildings such as the gate, the main hall and the Quyuan tomb. There are also attractions such as the Dragon Boat Museum and the Customs in Dragon Boat Festival Hall in the Former Residence of Qu Yuan. Visitors can also visit the Three Gorges Ancient Residential Area, which focuses on Xintan ancient dwellings and Xiajiang ancient bridges.
Three Gorges Bamboo Sea
154 Reviews
The natural landscape of the three gorges bamboo sea scenic spot is a combination of mountains, water and other sceneries, which is known as the natural oxygen bar in the three gorges area.In addition, there are nearly 10 caves, such as dragon king cave, white cave and fish spring cave, as well as dozens of species of wild animals, such as macaques and wild goats, which add infinite vitality to the scenic spot.
Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area
2,908 Reviews
Water Conservancy Project
The Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area is located in Yichang City and is a large-scale water conservancy project and hydroelectric power station. The dam tourist area is currently open to tourists and there are three spots: Tanziling, a 185 viewing platform, and Jieliu Memorial Hall. The dam crest is not open to the public. The Tanziling on the north bank overlooks the dam, making it a good place to see the panorama of the Three Gorges Dam.
Tribe of the Three Gorges
3,796 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Folk Village
Tribe of the Three Gorges is located in the Xiling Gorge of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River and consists of three areas: the mountain tribe, the floating tribe, and the riverside tribe. Here, you can enjoy the natural scenery of the Three Gorges ecosystem in a comprehensive and multi-angle manner through a combination of boat tours and walks. There are also various performances in the scenic spot and several games every day. Specific programs and performance times will be listed in detail on a bulletin board at the entrance of the scenic spot.

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Zigui Weather

8 Aug, 2020
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Trip Moments

Quyuanyu is located in Xiangjiaping, 1.5 km east of Zigui County, on the north bank of the Yangtze River. It is also known as Qingliegong, built to commemorate Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was a great poet of the Chu State during the Warring States Period. According to legend, after he sank Luo Jiang, a golden fish first swallowed his body and swam to the Xiangxi River mouth to spit it out. Near the hometown of Quyuan, the Xiangxi River mouth, the corpse of Qu Yuan buried his brother's body here, and settled here, the name of the () was born. Qu Yuanzhen was founded in the Tang Dynasty and the 15th year (820 years). The Northern Song Dynasty was renamed as Qing Lie Gong, and the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties were repeatedly repaired. When the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Hub was built in 1978, it was moved to the present site and rebuilt as it was. Walking through a well-preserved wall into it, it is a building that is "dangling old". Qu Yuan has experienced many years of wind, frost and snow. Some wooden beams have begun to decay, doors and windows have also Some of them are broken, but the Qu Yuan in the hall is constantly fragrant and stands still. Many parents and elders took their children to visit. They also explained to Qu Yuan's deeds at the same time as they visited. They said: This ancestor "long sighs to cover up and grieve the hardships of the people" is pointed out by thousands of people. Jealousy is framed everywhere. He couldn't bear to watch the country faltering and finally plunged himself into the river. Parents will infiltrate good patriotic feelings into their children during their travels. This is a trick, and you may wish to come and pay tribute to this old man who is united as a country.
Posted: 3 Jan, 2019
Rachel Yu   
There are many festivals to commemorate the death of a certain person, but there are very few festivals that commemorate the death of a certain individual. It is a national holiday of fixed holidays. It can be seen that this person is not ordinary! Zigui County is the hometown of Qu Yuan, came to Yichang, of course, to go to Qu Yuan's hometown to find Qu Yuan's patriotic sentiment. The Quyuan Hometown Scenic Spot is located in Fenghuang Mountain, Zigui County. The scenic spot highlights Qu Yuan culture, Three Gorges culture and immigrant culture. Its main contents include Qu Yuan Memorial Scenic Spot, which is dominated by Qu Yuan and Qu Yuan Cultural Square, and Xintan Ancient Residence and Xiajiang. The stone carving of the Xiajiang Ancient Bridge and other key areas of the Three Gorges residential area, the theme sculpture based on the giant Qu Yuan sculpture, the Qu Yuan Cultural Art Center and the waterfront ecological observation belt. Qu Yuanzhen, also known as Qing Lie Gong, covers an area of about 30 acres and was built for Qu Yuan. Qu Yuanzhen was founded in the Tang and 15 years (820 years). In 1978, the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project was built and moved to Jiaping, and it was reconstructed as it was. Qu Yuanzhen is the key area that can best combine the protection of physical and cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage in the Three Gorges reservoir area. The archway here is the landmark building of the old county town of Zigui, and the four characters of Qu Yuan's hometown were raised by Guo Moruo. The two stone monuments on the left side of the archway are "the hometown of Qu Yuanfu Qu Yuan" and "the hometown of Han Zhaojun Wang Yu". Exploring Qu Yuan's hometown, it is best to combine the Three Gorges Dam. In the scenic area of Quyuans hometown, you can also overlook the Three Gorges Dam.
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