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Baoxiang TempleNearby City

Baoxiang Temple

4.6/5504 Reviews
Ranked #1 in Wenshang Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Baoxiang Temple is located in the northwest of Wenshang County, is a famous Buddhist cultural tourism holy place in China. Baoxiang Temple is a national AAAA class scenic spot. The core scenic spot of Baoxiang Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, the original name of Zhaokong Temple, Song Zen Zong Feng Jingtai Mountain when the stationed in Wenshan, Zhaokong Temple is Baoxiang Temple. After thousands of years of vicissitudes of aroma, become emperors, famous people ink-kor buddha sightseeing fengshui treasure, become the temple of buddha temple on the earth of qilu. On March 15, 1994, 141 Buddhist sacred objects, including Buddha tooth and Buddha Serry, were excavated from the Prince's Lingzong Tower Palace of Baoxiang Temple, especially the Buddha Buddha's Shakyamuni tooth and the display of Serry, which caused a sensation in the whole country and shocked the world, and made Baoxiang Temple enjoy the reputation of the Second Famen Temple at home and abroad. After more than 10 years of restoration and construction, the scenic area has completed the Prince's Lingzong Tower, the Temple of Servation, the Pagoda, the Buddhist Site of the Sage, the Stele Gallery and the Grand Palace. The Prince's Lingzong Tower is the Song Dynasty Buddha Tower, the tower is 45.5 meters high, the thirteenth level, is the highest level of Buddhism tower, which proves that the fangs and sherishi of the pagodas are the spiritual traces of the Buddha ancestors. The Songzong Hall is now dedicated to the Buddha of Shakyamuni Nyam and the 18 Luohans of blue stone. The pagoda is 80 square meters, and the deepest pagoda is dedicated to the Buddha's true body."