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26-30 Railcard Discount
Are you between the ages of 26 and 30 and love to travel by train? If so, the 26-30 Railcard is the perfect solution for you! This fantastic Railcard is designed to help young adults save 1/3 off on rail fares across the country. This article offers a comprehensive guide to 26-30 Railcard, including 26-30 Railcard discount, advantages of 26-30 Railcard, and usage methods. Stay with us till the end!

26-30 Railcard Discounted Price:Enjoy 1/3 off

26-30 Railcard Discounted Price:Enjoy 1/3 off
The 26-30 Railcard allows everyone aged 26-30 to enjoy 1/3 off rail fares. The 26-30 Railcard costs just £25.5 a year, and it provides average annual savings of up to £251! Here are some examples of the savings you can get for train tickets with the 26-30 Railcard:
Train Journey Original Price 26-30 Railcard Discounted Price Savings
London Euston- Birmingham New Street £48.30 £23.91 £24.39(50.50%)
Sheffield- Manchester Piccadilly £26.60 £12.05 £14.55(54.70%)
Glasgow Queen Street - Berwick-upon-Tweed £53.00 £28.17 £24.83(46.85%)

*The above prices are based on the price in March 2024.

Advantages of 26-30 Railcard Deals

Advantages of 26-30 Railcard Deals

1. Savings: The 26-30 Railcard, also known as the Millennial Railcard, allows you to save 1/3 on most rail fares throughout Great Britain. This can result in significant savings, especially for frequent travelers.

2. Flexibility: The Railcard can be used for both peak and off-peak travel times, making it a flexible option for commuters, weekend travelers, and holiday-goers.

3. Wide Coverage: The Railcard covers all standard class and first-class advance fares throughout the National Rail Network in Great Britain. It doesn't just cover specific regions or cities.

4. Tastecard Offer: Tastecard membership usually costs £79.99 annually, but 26-30 Railcard holders can get their first 3 months for free. After the 3-month trial, this will then renew into a £29.99 yearly membership which you are free to cancel at any time.

5. Virgin Experience Days: With a 26-30 railcard in your hand, you’ve got access to 20% off every full-priced Virgin Experience Day, meaning supercars, spa days (good for resting after long journeys), three-course dinners and more are all on offer for less than you might think.

6. Railcard Theatre Tickets: With a 26-30 railcard, you can save up to 50% on theatre tickets, musicals and plays, opera, ballet and dance shows.

What is Condition of 26-30 Railcard Promo Code?

26-30 Railcard Introduction
Eligible Age Group Young people between the ages of 26 and 30.
Validity Time Anytime, Off-Peak, and Advance tickets, with a minimum fare of £12 for all journeys made between 4:30am and 10am, Monday to Friday
*Excluding public holidays, and journeys made in July and August
Applicable Areas Across the United Kingdom, not limited to a specific region.
Duration Valid for 1-year from the date of issue.

About Railcard

About Railcard
A Railcard is a type of discount card issued in the United Kingdom that enables the holder to purchase railway tickets at reduced prices. It is typically available for different age groups, such as young people, seniors, disabled passengers, and families, and can offer significant savings for frequent travelers. The Railcard is typically valid for one year, but some types offer a three-year option.

How to Get Cheap 26-30 Railcard

To purchase a 26-30 Railcard, you will need:

  • 1. Proof of age between 26 to 30(UK driving licence/provisional licence, passport, or EEA national ID card)
  • 2. A high-quality digital passport-style photo of yourself
  • 3. Debit or credit card for payment

Step 1: Log into App to Buy 26-30 Railcard Discount

Log into the app and tap "Trains" at the top of the homepagg to buy 16-25 Railcard.

Step 2: Buy a 26-30 Railcard

Click on "Buy a Railcard" at the bottom of the page to enter the detail page.
Buy a 26-30 Railcard

Step 3: Select a 26-30 Railcard Type

There are only 1-year 26-30 Railcard available option. Select the 26-30 Railcard discount to enter the payment page.

Step 4: Fill in the Info to Buy 26-30 Railcard Discount

Fill in the contact information and tap "Continue" to finish the payment.
Fill in the Info to Buy 26-30 Railcard Discount

Step 5: Find Your 26-30 Railcard

To find you Railcard, click on "My Railcards" to view the detail.

Step 6: Add Your 26-30 Railcard Discount

Tab "+Add Railcard" to add your Railcard when booking train tickets to enjoy discounts.
Add Your 26-30 Railcard Discount

How to Use 26-30 Railcard Discount

How to Use 26-30 Railcard Discount
Methods to Use 26-30 Railcard Discount
Digital 26-30 Railcard 1. Purchase 26-30 Railcard on .Tap “Trains”, Then “Buy a Railcard”.
2. Activate the Railcard on or the Railcard app by following the instructions provided with your purchase.
3. Link your Railcard to to your online account by or the Railcard app.
4. When purchasing tickets online/ at a ticket machine, select the 26-30 Railcard option from the Railcard to apply the discount.
5. Ensure your phone is charged when traveling, as you'll need to show your digital Railcard if requested by train staff.
Physical 26-30 Railcard 1. Buy a physical 26-30 Railcard online or at most staffed railway stations. When purchasing online, you'll receive the Railcard by post
2. Always carry your physical Railcard with you when you travel.
3. When purchasing tickets, inform the ticket seller that you have a 26-30 Railcard to apply the discount.
4. On the train, present your Railcard along with your ticket when requested by the train staff.
Special Note 1. A minimum fare of £12 applies to all journeys made before 10:00 AM Monday to Friday. This means if your ticket price is less than £12, you won't receive any discount.
2. If you lose your Railcard, you will need to pay a £10 administration fee to replace it.

FAQs about 26-30 Railcard Discount

  • How Does the 26-30 Railcard Work?

    Once you have your 26-30 Railcard, you can easily select this option when purchasing your train ticket on or at a valid ticket machine. Remember to have your 26-30 Railcard ready to present when you board the train or when purchasing a ticket in person.
  • Is It Worth Getting a 26-30 Railcard?

    Yes, a 26-30 Railcard costs £25.5 and it will save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain for an entire year, including all Standard and First Class Advance fares.
  • Where can I use my 26-30 Railcard?

    You can use it on the Tube, DLR, London Overground, Elizabeth line, and National Rail services.
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