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Hotel El Palace Barcelona
4.8/5112 Reviews

Hotel El Palace Barcelona

Barcelona|0.73km from city centre
We stayed 7 nights in this historic hotel and celebrated a special occasion during our trip. The hotel is truly beautiful & elegantly decorated, however the service levels were inconsistent and sorely disappointing for a hotel of this standard & price. Also, there was unfortunately no special factor that made this hotel memorable. Rooms - we booked a classic double room for 3 people & got upgraded to a deluxe room on a high floor. While I appreciated the upgrade and the room decor was beautiful, the bathroom (while spacious) was in visible need of refurbishment. The paint was badly peeling in certain parts, the closet doorknob came off on our third day, the glass shower door wouldn't close fully so the bathroom got wet during a shower. I'm not expecting a newly renovated room but for the price, the room should at least be in good working condition. Housekeeping - was very inconsistent and there was a severe lack of attention to detail. Some examples: - Upon check in, the room curtain was unhooked from the first hook and messily hanging - it took 3 days for housekeeping to finally notice & fix this. - For the entirety of our stay, all room amenities were provided for 2 (not 3) people despite us having booked & paid for 3 people. - Used wine glasses & water mugs were not washed for several days until we called housekeeping to do so. - On several days, I came back to my luggage having been moved haphazardly (I think they were trying to make up the extra bed) and not put back in its place. - Turn down service was done beautifully on some days and not at all on other days. Rooftop terrace - was a gorgeous place to dine, food was excellent and the service was lovely. We felt very welcome here and it was a real treat dining here! Definitely try the rooftop terrace at least once! Front desk, concierge and bellman were excellent. The concierge was helpful with dining recommendations and guest relations gave us a cake for the special occasion we were celebrating. The bellman was attentive to get us taxis & always greeted us with a smile. Breakfast - is definitely worth a try! The breakfast room is beautiful and the drawing room leading to it is so regal & gorgeous. Generous spread of food & service was warm as well. Amar - dined here & paid over 400 euros but it was a shockingly disappointing experience. The bread, starters, petit fours & decor were wonderful - but the 200 euros of seafood we ordered was not fresh at all and the service was disinterested & careless. We were abit shocked at how bad it was for a Michelin restaurant. Bluesman cocktail bar - did not try. There's a 50 euro per pax minimum spend but perhaps this could be waived for hotel guests who are already paying a lot for a room. Overall, we enjoyed our stay but felt greatly let down by the service standards at this otherwise lovely hotel. Unfortunately, I highly doubt I'd return here again but sincerely hope the hotel improves its service standards to match its elega

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Park Hotel
4.3/5114 Reviews

Park Hotel

Barcelona|0.92km from city centre
I've stayed with this hotel for a number of times now, I would think about 7 times also before covid. The company I work for has also sent quite a few others to this hotel over the years. After this last visit I can say that it will probably not be the case anymore. To be honest, I felt like I was annoying the staff at the reception, it was always with a quick, condescending way that I was given answers. Like I was getting on their nerves. I paid almost 1.100 Euro to stay 1 week. In that time, the phone was broke, my door would not shut properly without slamming it, the room STANK !!! of sewage (I was told because of the pool filter or something and I was directly next to the pool basically in room 721 - the cleaning lady spoke no english so that's the info I understood), the breakfast was not to great standards; never was there bacon, the boiled eggs cold. The coffee machine broke, so the waitress was so angry that she was slamming chairs and saying angry stuff in spanish loudly about how management never takes care of the machine; she dropped all kinds of glasses and plates in the kitchen; then the cook came out and looked at me and rolled his eyes and shrugged (how do people in service actually work like this???) . It was unrelaxing and not worth the price at all. The only helpful and sincere person I met there was the girl at the reception who always asked how my day was, and also the room cleaning lady (the elder one with glasses). I was not even offered ANYTHING in response to having to sleep in a stinking room with no phone. I thought maybe someone would say to me ”sorry about all the inconvenience, have a wine on us” but not even that!! Only the next day I was asked if I wanted to move (I declined only because I was traveling to Valencia for 3 days on that day and I was told that afterwards it would be fixed so I didn't want to move if it would be fixed. But when I came back, only the phone was fixed - the smell was still there and the door I still had to slam). Also, my credit card was charged for a night on the first day of my stay, even tho my company pre-paid the whole stay in advance and it was confirmed. I had to wait several days before it was booked back to my account. At the checkout I was not asked once how my stay was. I would have otherwise told the guy there directly. But maybe he knew I would say something and chose not to ask anything. He was the most condescending of them all anyway. He never freely said Hello or Good bye. Only interested in himself. Horrible person and not sure how he can work in service! When he reads this he will know who I am, for sure. I did not have a welcoming or pleasant stay there this time and next time I and my company will choose another hotel for this or any other stays. If you feel too secure and think you have enough guests, then think again. Covid isn't gone and one day you will be surprised how quickly guests can leave and go somewhere else. One should never feel too stable bu
Hotel Ronda Lesseps
4.5/591 Reviews

Hotel Ronda Lesseps

Barcelona|3.39km from city centre
I had already stayed in that hotel in April 2013 and altogether it was a rather good stay. The bedroom I was allocated on that occasion was comfortable and peaceful so that scarcely any noise was audible. The rest of the conditions regarding that stay were also good. I decided therefore to book again in that hotel for three weeks during which I had to be in Barcelona, namely from July 16th 2020 to August 6th, except the 21st since that day at night I had to be somewhere else for personal reasons. My stay this time was quite the opposite to that referred to. As a matter of fact, it turned out to be a nightmare thus causing me to decide to leave the hotel on July 21st and book in another one for the rest of my stay in Barcelona. Upon check-in I was allocated the bedroom 405. I was cold in that room albeit it was summer time and the temperature outside was higher than 30º C. After switching off the air conditioning machine there was still a draft of cold air which was very annoying and harmful. I complained about that what made them let me change the room, allocating me that number S02. That new room was all right as to the air conditioning and, besides, the first night it was peaceful so that I could sleep with no trouble whatsoever. Notwithstanding that, on the following day one of the rooms next door was allocated to some people who behaved like beasts. They used to come back to the hotel at midnight or later screaming as if they were possessed by the devil and once in the room they continued shouting and moreover they bumped on the walls in a foolish way. When I went to complain at the front desk the following morning the receptionist in charge of the relevant service at that moment, whose name is Alexandra, just behaved in a nasty and despicable way. She hardly listened to me and interrupted me constantly. It was altogether very unpleasant. Another trouble I had to endure was in relation to the safe in the bedroom. On July 18th it ran out of battery. There wasn't anybody at the hotel who could change the exhausted battery by a new one. I had to wait for two days for a technician to come and proceed to the relevant replacement. The fact that nobody at the hotel knows how to change the safe batteries is utterly unbelievable and ridiculous. Meanwhile I had to walk around Barcelona with all the money and other valuables in my pockets thus running the risk of being robbed, the more so if the fact that Barcelona has become a dangerous city is taken into consideration. The receptionists advised me to leave the money in the safe anyway since, as they said, nobody would enter it if I left the relevant sign on the door latch for the room not to be cleaned up. I left the sign in the stated way but I didn't dare leave my money and valuables in the room with the safe little door ajar as it couldn't be locked down. It wouldn't have been the first time that a burglary takes place at a hotel. As a consequence of the mishap referred to by the way the bedroom

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Exe Plaza Catalunya
4.2/5119 Reviews
Good value for money The room was bigger than I expected, very clean, the maid came in every day and I had no complaints! I read some comments that there is noise from the road. Do not worry about this, just ask for a quiet room and they will put you in the back of the hotel, where there is no noise. I was at 803 and it was very quiet! I did not have breakfast because it was so expensive! The hotel is very central, next to the most central Metro station. Right next door there is an amazing steakhouse that you should definitely eat there. The only negative is that the room could have a kettle and two glasses.
Ikonik Angli
4/537 Reviews
I stayed here for 5 nights and the room was very clean, pleasant and with air conditing, which was needed in his heat and humitidy. The beds were very comfortable and the room was quiet. The whole area is beautiful, and the pool was never too busy. We had wonderful views of the top of Tibidabu from both our room and the pool. The staff were so helpful and there were no issues communicating, despite my limited Spanish! The glass at the front of the building could do with a clean, but honestly, that is the only thing I could say that was negative. My window in my room was very clear and clean! I would definitely come back again. There is easy access to both trains and busses and a coffee shop, convenience store and pharmacy just a couple of blocks away. The old town is beautiful and less than 5 minutes away. I would come here again.
Seventy Barcelona
4.6/5102 Reviews
Very very beautiful interior. Super classy. Service is amazing and premium. Alexander the staff at the reception was very amazing and sweet. Gave us heads up about the city and where we should visit. She also took initiative to prepare a surprise for us for our honeymoon.
ZT The Golden Hotel Barcelona
4.3/581 Reviews
Great city hotel in a good location. We stayed for 4 nights in a double standard room. The room was a good size for a city hotel. The room was cleaned everyday and fresh provided. the location was great and about 7 mins walk from Glories metro and 10 mins walk from bogatell metro. The hotel is a short walk from a Wesfield shopping centre and a large supermarket which was handy as we didn't have breakfast at the hotel. There are cheap cafes and tapas close to the hotel and a great resturant called Dgust 2 blocks away. The pool area on the rooftop was great and fairly quiet but the bar was never open. We did get a drink from the bar in the hotel and took it to the rooftop. Overall a great stay!
The 8 Boutique B&B
4/523 Reviews
Pros: Great location; beautiful, clean modern rooms; great coffee, lovely appointed kitchen that guests may use. Cons: Lack of communication; no sound proofing between rooms & halls; AC didn't work. I would not stay here again & therefore would not recommend this hotel. I’m still baffled as to the high ratings on this website and other travel websites. I’ll be wary to go by ratings again for accommodations I find on this website and other popular travel websites. 1) When we arrived there was no one available to let us in. The reception is open only from 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Check in is at 3:00, no one was even available to leave luggage. It's extremely inconvenient. We wasted a lot of time the day of check-in. We sent multiple WhatsApp messages & could see that they had been received, but there were no responses even though I requested responses. A phone call ended in a hang up on their end. There was a sign on the door stating the hotel would be closed until after the day we had a reservation to check in. This was disconcerting (see photo). Someone should man the desk during normal business hours, 9-5. In speaking with other guests & even the hotel staff at another nearby accommodation, this is a frequent event. Other travelers there during our stay had a similar experience --- wasting a lot of time trying to check in or drop-off bags. 2) Temp control didn’t cool the room. The thermostats in the room don’t control the temperature in the rooms. We had left one of our keys, which work the outlets, plugged in the entire day. The room was still hot when we returned early evening. The owner suggested we leave the key in the outlet totally disregarding my comment that we had done exactly that — left one of the keys in the outlet all day. When we returned at midnight, the room was still hot & this was May. I cannot even imagine the inferno the room will be in the summer months. 3) There's minimal soundproofing. You can hear guests from other rooms and in the hallway.
Sercotel Amister Art Hotel Barcelona
4.1/570 Reviews
Nice 20minute walk to get to the main central part of Barcelona. However, very hard to sleep at night with extremely loud air con in all the rooms and all hotel room doors bang when closing so banging until 4am then it starts again at around 6am. We lost a lot of sleep Breakfast was good but coffee is disgusting so needs to be avoided. Nice and polite staff and hotel is clean Gym is poor as its too hot with no good air con rubbish equipment

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Book your hotel on for an amazing travel experience. On, it's easy to search for hotels in Barcelona. Barcelona is a city with tons of tourist attractions. You'll never want to leave! While traveling to Spain, Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations.

Every day, travelers worldwide arrive at Barcelona El Prat Airport to start their vacations and business trips in Barcelona. Besides flying, taking a train to Clot Rail Station is one of the other major methods of transportation. offers discounts of up to 20% on 1943 boutique hotels in Barcelona. As a popular tourist city, Barcelona has many renowned chain hotels. Novotel is the most popular brand among tourists. Hotels under the Novotel brand are a good choice. H10 Art Gallery 4* Sup Barcelona is one of the most popular hotels in Barcelona. Novotel Barcelona City is also one of the most frequently chosen hotels.

There are quite a few famous attractions in downtown Barcelona, such as The Gaudi Exhibition Center, Barcelona Cathedral. For short trips in Barcelona, Parc del Forum, Torres are all good options. You can also visit top-rated attractions like Passeig de Gracia, Sagrada Família, Catalunya Square. Commercial areas like Avinguda Diagonal, Calzados Casanovas, La Roca Village are ideal places to buy souvenirs.

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