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Weather & the best time to travel Barcelona:

The cosmopolitan capital of the Catalonia region of Spain, Barcelona is famous for its art and architecture. It is a year-round tourism destination since Barcelona boasts of a comfortable Mediterranean climate. The ideal time to visit Barcelona is early summer and early fall- specifically from May to June and September to October. In the winter season, the days are chilly but snowing is rare. However, some winter days are sunny and even if it snows, it lasts only for a day or two. April is a month when most of the rainfalls happen with some spectacular storms. The rainy days give way to the hot and humid July and August, The temperature and humidity only drop during October. So, most of the tourism happens here during August. So, if you are planning a trip in August, try to book your stay well in advance to grab lucrative Barcelona hotel deals. People prefer visiting Barcelona during cooler times. Hence expect to face the crowds and tourist rush. There are many international trade fairs and conferences that are held in Barcelona round the year. So, no matter when you are visiting the city, you will definitely have fun. 

Airport / nearby airport: 

The nearest airport connecting Barcelona city centre with other cities in Spain and other countries is Barcelona International Airport. The airport is located 13 km South-West of the main city. So, getting to Barcelona city from Barcelona Airport is easier and more comfortable in a taxi. It will take you just 20 minutes and cost you 25 euro to reach Barcelona centre. Alternatively, you can opt for RENFE train which costs 4.6 euro for a single ticket and will take 25 minutes for the journey. You can also take the Aerobus express bus service which takes the same time and costs 5.90 euro for a single ticket. The other airports in the closer vicinity are Girona Airport which is situated 103 km North-East of Barcelona and Reus Airport which is 106 km south of Barcelona. The taxi rides from these places to Barcelona city centre take 130 euro and 145 euro respectively.


The transportation system in Barcelona is well built. Metro, tram, bus, bikes and taxis- all these public transport options are available in Barcelona. The city runs eight metro lines simultaneously. These lines are identified by the following colours- Line 1 red, Line 2 lilac, Line 3 green, Line 4 yellow, Line 5 blue, Line 9 orange, Line 10 light blue and Line 11 light green. A single ticket costs 2.40 euro. These lines connect the entire city and run on all the Weekdays (Monday to Thursday), Sunday and public holidays from 5 am to midnight. On Friday and evenings of public holidays, the metro runs between 5 am and 2 am. The tram route connects major industrial areas, residential areas and shopping areas of Barcelona. Trams run during the same time as metro and costs as much. There are 1000 and above buses running in more than 100 routes in the city. The buses link the metropolitan areas of the city with the district areas. Buses also cost 2.40 euro for a single ticket. The bus services begin around 5 to 8 am and close at 10-11 pm. You can also avail bikes and taxis to reach the major hotels in Barcelona.

How to get to the destination:

The cost of flying to Barcelona from the UK varies depending on the season and the rush of tourists. There are many direct flights to Barcelona from many cities of UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle, Belfast, Humberside and Cardiff. The airlines offering these flights are British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, Monarch and many more. Many of these connecting flights will in fact take less than 4 hours to cover the distance. However, if you wish to settle for cheap deals, it is advisable to book your flights at least 8 months ahead of the journey. In fact, some websites also offer cheap hotels at Barcelona along with flight tickets.

Hotels info, prices for different hotel range:

Barcelona is a city that receives plenty of visitors from all over the world the entire year. So, when you book Barcelona hotels there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

5-star Hotels- Alma Barcelona and Claris Hotel Barcelona are very famous 5-star hotels starting at 290 Euros. 

4-star Hotels- Condes de Barcelona and NH Collection Barcelona Podium are popular 4-star Barcelona hotels costing you around 205 Euros. 

3-star Hotels- Among the 3-star hotels in Barcelona, Barcelona House and Hotel Lleó are quite famous. These cost nearly 149 Euros or more. 

2-star Hotels- Even 2-star hotels in Barcelona look quite stunning.  Amrey Sant Pau and Hotel Santa Marta are gorgeous 2-star hotels in the city costing you around 75 Euros.

Barcelona Tourist Information:

Top Tourist Attractions in Barcelona:

There are plenty of Barcelona attractions and without experiencing these places the travel to Barcelona remains incomplete. These are the following places you must explore.

  • La Sagrada Familia- It is a Roman Catholic minor basilica in Barcelona which is huge and unfinished.
  • Park Güell- It is the public park system adorned with an abundance of green gardens and architectural elements. It is situated at Carmel Hill. 
  • Casa Milà- It is popularly known as La Pedrera. The name means "The stone quarry". It is a modernist building in Barcelona.

Top food places in Barcelona:

Exploring food joints should definitely be one of the most important things to do in Barcelona, especially if you are a foodie. The list of good food places here is truly endless. Yet, there some places that you just should not miss out on.

  • Parlament Street- Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or any casual dining experience, Parlament Street always has something of top-notch quality. Carrer Parlament, 53 is a popular local food joint that offers great wine and delicious tapas.
  • La Boqueria- The famous Boqueria market is the place you head to eat fresh food. It also is a great place to visit some timeless restaurants. 
  •  Gracia- If you want great ambience and delicious gin-tonics, this is the place.

Barcelona is a great city to explore. If you are trying to plan your next trip here, check out the lucrative Barcelona hotel deals at The best quality services are offered at the Barcelona hotels that you find enlisted in

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