Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels in Montserrat are the most popular?

    Montserrat has many popular hotels. Whether you're travelling for business or going on holiday, Chez Mango Villas is a preferred hotel.

  • How much is the average rate for hotels in Montserrat?

    For hotels in Montserrat, the average price on weekdays is £149, and the average price on weekends (Friday–Saturday) is £148.

  • Which hotels in Montserrat have spas that are worth experiencing?

    Tired from travelling? Chez Mango Villas provides highly rated spa services

  • What hotel promotions are there in Montserrat? provides various promotions and discounts for users all year round. You can check the promotions page to see what promotions are available on

  • Which hotels in Montserrat allow pets?

    Chez Mango Villas allows pets. Take your pets with you during your stay!

Local Travel Info

Highest Price£309
Lowest Price£74
Number of Reviews20
Number of Hotels13
Average Price (Weekdays)£149
Average Price (Weekends)£148