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Ezhou Polytechnic (Southeast to Fenghuang Subdistrict Office Lianhuashan Community Health Service Station)

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Ezhou Xishan Scenic Spot

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4.8/5206 Reviews
Yunman Hotel (Zhangzhou High-speed Railway Station) is very newly renovated Arrived at Zhangzhou Station at 19:08 on September 24, 2023, everything went smoothly, but after leaving the station, Baidu map navigation could not reach the hotel. I asked the security guard of a train station, regardless of the subway language, through the train station square, and went from south to north. Then I was fooled by the navigation to a parking lot. Yunman Hotel and Zhangzhou Bus Terminal parking lot at the same entrance, when you walk in, try to go to the left, there are safety hazards on the right, often there are cars entering the station, the right side may fall below the can. Yunman Hotel is affordable, the double room of 130 yuan has windows, the room is 25 square meters, the decoration time is not long, very new. There is a washing machine for free laundry, and there is also a place to dry clothes, which is quite good. There is also a free breakfast. Because it is far from the city center and there is no fireworks, I moved to the State Guest Hotel after staying for one night. The State Guest Hotel is in worse condition, the location is better, and the surrounding area is more lively. If the window is facing the bus station parking lot, some drivers like to honking their horns and are noisy. Railway Station Store) very newly renovated
Ezhou Ludao Fishing Village Hotel
5/512 Reviews
#Praise#For toiletries, cost-effective, close to the restaurant, close to the store, security, room layout is satisfactory; the accommodation environment has nothing to say, clean, comfortable and tidy, the lady service is good, the overall feeling is very good. I also bring my own catering, and the dishes are delicious, especially crabs, must order food. Come to her house next time 😎
4.2/53 Reviews
Can also have a computer Suitable for game enthusiasts can also have a computer Suitable for game enthusiasts can also have a computer Suitable for game enthusiasts can also have a computer Suitable for game enthusiasts
Dong Xiang International Hotel
4.1/5125 Reviews
Come to the exam, the hotel is in a good location. There are two big shopping malls nearby. The front desk helped to upgrade the room. It is very thoughtful. Breakfast is provided in the morning. The room is well lit, the health is good, the mattress is very comfortable, the internet speed is fast, recommended
Jingtai Business Hotel
4.2/562 Reviews
Booked a deluxe bed room, the experience of staying is quite satisfactory. The room is fully equipped and has no smell, and the lighting and ventilation conditions are very good. Hotel service is also in place. Outside the window is the community, the rest is quiet! In the morning, I went to the restaurant to eat the buffet breakfast provided by the hotel. The pasta was quite appetizing. Have the opportunity to stay again next time!
Baixin Hotel
4.8/52 Reviews
Clean, tidy, comfortable

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