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Hotel Zentrum
3.6/516 Reviews

Hotel Zentrum

Hannover|0.25km from Drachentoterhaus
I always strive to leave a review that covers most areas of an experience and this is no exception. We were traveling 4 people, 2 adults and 2 children, in Harz. After a week in beautiful surroundings, see my review of this by following me, we decided to take an extra stop in Hannover. Because we didn´t wanted to drive for 7 hours straigth from our holiday home to Denmark with 2 tired children, and because we never visited Hannover. At first we had booked a hotel in the outskirts of the city, higher price, but a long trip to the center of the city, so we switched to Zentrum Hotel. We arrived early, so our rooms were not ready yet. However, we had reserved a parking spot for the car, so after a few minutes we could explore the city. Which is literally right across the street. From the location of the hotel, is several streets leading to the main pedestrian area, packed with great shops, affordable prices, street buskers and much more. We enjoyed the city for a few hours then went to freshen up at our rooms. We decided to split up, so my wife and daughter had one room, while my son and I had the other, The rooms were 405 and 406. Right at the top of the building, they were hot. Windows can open, but on a hot day, the room is too stuffed. There were 2 ordinary beds, super clean, very comfortable actually, a table, a chair and a wardrobe. There was also a fridge, but it was not clean. It was time to buy a new one. Shower head was broken, so half the water spilled out from the hose and onto the floor until we managed to direct the water at a different angle, so not to soak the floor. Held together with duct tape. A hose costs ~€3 so it´s a cheap and easy fix, guys. The hair dryer at the ladies´room, was broken, meaning it is one of those where you simply press the handle and it blows. However, the handle turned red and heated up, TOO MUCH, too quick and after a few second, my wife had to toss it in the sink. It is a disaster waiting to happen. The lift only worked up to 3rd floor, then we had to walk a flight of stairs to the 4th. Weird issue, fix the lift. Breakfast was €9 and was really good. Yes we would like to know exactly what the 4 different cheeses were, a simple sign would help, but plentiful breakfast. Hot coffee and tea, milk, cream, 3 juices, bread, croissants, hardboiled eggs, cold cuts, nutella, 5 different marmelades and so on. Good, cheap. Rooms were super quiet. Check-out was easy, staff is super friendly and the rooms are cheap. Drawbacks are the weird smell on the hallways, the flickering lights, the grime on the doorframes and lightswitches, the fridge, the water hose. The area can seem dodgy, there are beggars around but they are not a worry. We paid €160 for 2 rooms. Reasonable if the above items were fixed.
Hotel City Panorama
3.7/59 Reviews

Hotel City Panorama

Hannover|0.3km from Drachentoterhaus
The hotel itself is a good city centre hotel. If there weren't the noise. Google you the neighborhood, you could have known it before. But we couldn't imagine that the ”party miles” opened from 19Uhr in the evening to 10Uhr in the morning with an incredible volume as well as hardcore bass. Despite closed windows and Oropax, you could sing with the songs and feel the bass. Sleep was not in there. Two nights in sequence. So nothing for weekends or holidays. The problem seems to be a club directly opposite that doesn't comply with noise control rules. According to the reception, you can't do nix there, the police don't care. The breakfast is good, but if the hotel is booked, you have to wait for a table somewhat long. The only point of decline in breakfast: the coffee from the full-automate is horrible. The staff is nice and in part helpful. But to knock on the door of the room and explain you need to clean the room now, in 10 minutes it doesn't go, I think it is inappropriate. The room itself is quite small but clean. The shower separation could be a little bigger so that you do not put the bathroom under water at every shower, but otherwise everything is OK. At the previous request you will get a parking place in the parking house around the corner at a price. Not a nice path to walk at night, but the best way to park on and for itself. My conclusion: A hotel where you can't sleep at night has failed its purpose.

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Grand Palace Hotel Hannover
4.1/553 Reviews
The hotel faces the street, the location is superior, there are many restaurants, shopping malls and so on around. There is no parking lot. The front desk staff of the hotel will suggest where to park. It takes about 5 minutes to walk. During the epidemic, breakfast is not a buffet, it is relatively simple to be delivered to the table by the service staff
Kastens Hotel Luisenhof
4.3/563 Reviews
The location is near King Street, opposite the Galleria Department Store, convenient for eating and shopping! The room is huge! awesome! Good facilities
Concorde Hotel am Leineschloss
4.2/522 Reviews
The hotel is centrally located and therefore very well suited for a city tour. Personal was very friendly and attentive. Breakfast is kept overview, but no one should still hungry. Price-performance is ok. Rooms were conveniently furnished and clean. When selecting the rooms, you should be careful to see that they are behind and not to the marketplace. Then it is also quiet 😊 If I should be again in Hannover for 2-3 days, I will certainly consider the hotel again.
Central-Hotel Kaiserhof
4.1/597 Reviews
It is not recommended to stay at this hotel. The location is opposite the railway station and the transportation is convenient. But this advantage is not enough to conceal its shortcomings: 1. Outdated facilities, the sofa springs up. 2. The design of the bathroom is flawed and water splashes everywhere. 3. Individual service staff lack courtesy.
Hotel Plaza Hannover
3.9/551 Reviews
A hotel that helps a colleague make a mistake. This family was good in all aspects of the evaluation and chose this family. The hotel's been making good comments. Nice position, too! Good recommendation!
Mercure Hotel Hannover Mitte
4.1/567 Reviews
My husband and I stayed in this hotel just one night (22nd to 23th july). The hotel looks new, the room was clean and the staff was very friendly, pretty standard. However I have to share here a very terrifying experience that we had. About 05:45 am, when we were still slepping, a strange guy entered into our room. He was completely disoriented, didn't had an alcoholic smell but might be on *****. My husband screamed at him to get out of our room, but he didn't move, just when I said that he was in the wrong room he seemed to understand, than my husband pushed him out of the room and closed the door. Later in the morning my husband checked on how hard you have to push the door in order to close it, he concluded that you have to make an extra push until you hear the very last click of the lock. It is very easy to be tricked by the door. Thank God, it was not really serious but very terrifying. I know that I can't blame the hotel, but I would like to share to warn future guests to double check the door lock. I could swear that my door was closed and apparently it wasn't.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels near Drachentoterhaus are popular with budget travellers?

    Whether you're travelling for business or going on a holiday, Ibis Hannover City, Gästeresidenz PelikanViertel and Hotel Zentrum are popular hotels at great price points.

  • What's the average price of hotels near Drachentoterhaus this weekend?

    According to Trip.com, the average weekend price for 1 night at a hotel in Drachentoterhaus in Hannover is £102. Due to frequent price changes, the above prices are for reference only.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near Drachentoterhaus

    According to Trip.com, the average weekend price for 1 night at a hotel in Drachentoterhaus in Hannover is £108. Due to frequent price changes, the above prices are for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Drachentoterhaus have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Nyce Hotel Hannover, IntercityHotel Hannover Hauptbahnhof Ost and B&B HOTEL Hannover-City are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • Which popular hotels near Drachentoterhaus have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavours while travelling, consider staying at IntercityHotel Hannover Hauptbahnhof Ost, B&B HOTEL Hannover-City and Courtyard Hannover Maschsee . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.