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Top rated hotels in Kahului

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Maui Beach Hotel
3.5/5106 Reviews
The hotel feels like a vacation, with beaches and airport shuttles. Parking fee. The room is relatively large. There are also many gas stations nearby. The airport and Wal-Mart are only a few kilometers away. In the morning, you can see the glow of sunrise on the opposite mountain, which is very beautiful. A bit noisy near the road.
Maui Seaside Hotel
4/5109 Reviews
Staff was amazing nice and very accommodating. Parking was horrible couldn’t find a spot and almost got hit a few times just walking to the hotel. Lobby and pool cute bright , we love all the places to sit and read a book or sit by the fire and talk. Right on the beach with beautiful views. Rooms weren’t the best reminded me of a cheap motel was expecting more when paying over 400$ for one night. The rooms were very different then what i booked online so that was disappointing. Night sleep was okay could hear almost everything a few kids screaming which threw my family off but the ac worked which was amazing. Very close to the airport restaurants but farther then where we did our activities but still a great trip
Courtyard by Marriott Maui Kahului Airport
4.4/5106 Reviews
It was early in the morning when the plane arrived late at the hotel, and our order could not find our order at the time, which was delayed for a while. She therefore waived us $ 12 for parking. Love this flexible approach. The hotel room was clean and close to the airport but the plane was a bit noisy when taking off and landing.

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