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City Comfort Inn (Maoming Xuefu)
4.1/5120 Reviews

City Comfort Inn (Maoming Xuefu)

Maoming|1.67km from Recreation Area in Dongjiang Ecological Garden
City Convenience Evaluation: The suggestion of staying at the city convenience hotel this time is purely personal advice. First, the bathroom has shampoo and shower gel. But there is no other shelf for the guests to put things. (For example, some guests bring their own shampoo, conditioner, shower gel?) Second, the toilet problem, the shelf of the paper towel is actually installed behind the toilet, has the designer used it himself? Very inconvenient, but also turn around to dry the paper towel! Third, the mirror in the toilet is recommended to add a retractable mirror. The female guest is myopia, and you can't see anything when you take off your glasses. The mirror is far away. Embarrassed [breaking tears for laughter] Fourth, the table is not enough, the desk is used to put the computer office (there are also guests who do not have a computer, do not need to work), there is a table next to the full-length mirror, but where should the guest's carry-on bag be put? The location next to the bedside table is a bit wasteful, it is recommended that the bedside table can be extended to the wall. Fifth, the lock of the door, it is recommended that the technician check the power problem regularly every day, so as not to suddenly the room lock is out of power. Sixth, bath towels and disposable slippers are not packaged. This problem is entangled with hygiene and environmental protection. Seventh, the hotel does not have floor towels. If customers wear disposable slippers to enter the bathroom, the floor is wet and will inevitably slip, is the hotel's responsibility too big? The cleaning lady and the aunt in the restaurant are very good. Note: The hotel's departure time is 12:00 noon the next day, and the timeout is 30 yuan an hour. Another way is to use breakfast at the hotel, which can be delayed until 14:00 pm. Each breakfast fee is 12 yuan/time.

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Xiya boutique hotel (store of guangdong university of petrochemical technology)
4/5194 Reviews
It feels very good, the air conditioner is good, it is very comfortable to watch TV in bed all day, the sound insulation is not very good, the next door is quite noisy, this is not good, the shampoo does not seem to work, the hair washed is not very easy to use! I hope to use it better next time.
4.6/590 Reviews
First of all, this hotel has a very good design sense, which shows that the taste of the hotel is very good. And Miss 009 also gave a free upgrade to the room experience. Secondly, the hotel's hardware facilities and software facilities are very good. The faucet shower head is equipped with a good brand. The bathroom is also separated from wet and dry. The shampoo shower gel is quite good. The product is also very good, the softness of the mattress is quite suitable, the room has smart voice, it is really good, I will choose here next time.
Vienna 3 Best Hotel (Maoming Yanjiang Building)
4.5/5314 Reviews
The hotel helped to upgrade the river view room for free. It was OK, but the window of the room was a bit dirty. Hotel facilities feel old, the hair dryer is very small, it is difficult to blow, the shower room is a whole glass wall, it is difficult to understand and the curtain is set outside. The most outrageous thing is that the car parked in the parking lot at the door. When I went down early the next morning, I found that there was a lot of gray and sand in the car. The car next door was the same. I don’t know what happened at night.
Maoming Chenhua Hotel
4.7/570 Reviews
The environment is very good, the light is broken, I look at the phone and see that my glasses hurt and there is no mineral water. I can’t drink the water. The suitcase is very heavy. The uncle helped me carry it. I’m a little embarrassed.
Xingcheng Hotel Maoming
4.7/596 Reviews
A very good experience, the decoration style of the hotel makes people particularly like it! The facilities and equipment are very new, the mattress is particularly comfortable to sleep, and there is an elevator, which is highly recommended! We will definitely stay in your home next time! And the boss is very nice and the service is very good
Wenhua Hotel
4.1/5163 Reviews
The hotel is in the city, the location is very convenient to find, there is a parking lot for parking, the room is clean and hygienic, the bedding is replaced every day, and the front desk clerk is very good.

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