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Trivelles Regency, Nottingham
3.8/572 Reviews

Trivelles Regency, Nottingham

Nottingham|0.89km from Church (Rock) Cemetery
I really wish I'd paid attention to the negative reviews of this hotel before I booked. I paid £153 for a single night of misery here, when it seems other nights are about £35-40 -- but even at that cheaper price, I'd still avoid it like a plague. The hotel has no parking, and on-street parking was non-existent. The corridors on our floor reeked of smoke, with a hint of ********* smoke. On first glance, our room was fine. Decent size, big windows etc. However, closer inspection revealed: - red stains on the wall, that looked like some sort of jam but who knows. - brown stains on the wall, I shudder to think what these were - the tap on the kitchen sink was not securely attached to the sink and came off when i tried to use it - the shower cubicle smelled of raw sewage - the bathroom needed a deep clean, lots of (what looked like) pubic hair on the floor, and general 'shower gunge' build up - there was about 20% of a full toilet roll available, with no others provided - the bed was presentable, but had long black hairs inside and under the sheet - the sheet was way too small, and uncovered the mattress during use - the walls in the room were paper-thin Additionally, and I can't really blame the hotel for this, next door is a student bar that was very loud most of the night, but nothing compared to the people in the room next to ours that played very loud music until 1am. Not the relaxing night before a 13.1 mile run we wanted!

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The Tudor House Hotel
2.5/567 Reviews
Me and my partner booked to stay here for a night as there were no other hotels that were affordable last minute. The hotel stunk really bad and it looked like a crack house as soon as you walk in. I didn’t even expect a ‘nice’ hotel as it was cheaper than the rest however this hotel should not even be fit for business. The hotel room had blood/ some other stains all over the place. It looked like mould was in our room and there were cracks everywhere. The window wouldn’t even shut, the whole room was absolutely filthy and that is an understatement, it was completely unhygienic I thought I was going to catch a disease just from entering the room. Me and my partner knew instantly we would ask for a refund and needed to leave. I didn’t even want to sit on the bed. There were people loitering around taking drugs in and outside the premises. Hotel also houses homeless people btw which they don’t tell you. To make it worse, the woman on the front desk refused to refund me due to entering the room- I pointed out all the health hazards and fobbed me off saying the manager was going to ring me tomorrow. I had to chase them up with multiple calls before I even spoke to the manager. Still refused refund and told me I had to try get one via lastminute.com, who then told me that the hotel should refund me. Never did. To be honest I wasn’t even bothered about getting the money back I was just angry they’re actually still allowed open for business considering the actual horror state of this hotel. Better of sleeping on the streets. Reporting to trading standards.
Mercure Nottingham Sherwood Hotel
3.8/5105 Reviews
Fantastic stay. Staff extremely friendly, especially. John and Dominic who work behind the bar. The rooms are fabulous, showers amazing. Would definitely recommend this hotel if you're coming to Nottingham for trip.
Best Western Plus Nottingham Westminster Hotel
3.8/53 Reviews
It’s okay for two people to live.
Hilton Nottingham
4.3/584 Reviews
Nottingham City Center
We had arranged a weekend with friends in Nottingham and had booked 2 rooms. First morning the housekeeping staff came as we were leaving, for the day out we had planned. When we returned we expected our room to have been serviced, no towels at all in the room and no made bed. Nothing on the tea/ coffee tray had been replenished. When we rang reception to get some towels no one answered so after a long day we had to go down to reception to get them to get us some towels, after waiting nearly 5 mins while the reception staff ignored us we were told someone would bring us some towels. Next morning our friends went down to breakfast early before us, to be told it wasn’t included in the room - it was, and rather than check the booking they were very rudely told that they couldn’t have breakfast. They were not even offered the option to pay for a breakfast. They ended up going elsewhere for breakfast much to our embarrassment after we had arranged the weekend and booked the room. After speaking with reception they confirmed that breakfast was included and gave us a card saying we were entitled to breakfast - much use that is as our friends had already gone and had breakfast elsewhere and we were not offered a refund on our booking.
Roomzzz Nottingham City
4.4/5104 Reviews
Nottingham City Center
Rooms nice and clean, really good soaps in bathroom. Bathroom was always perfect temperature, nice heated floor. Kitchen well equipped though we only stayed one night so didn't need it. Beds comfy, generous with duvet and pillows! Had small problem in one room (William...) but Tatiana came to the rescue, late at night, she was so helpful!! I work customer service so know how awful customers can be when they have a problem, but Tatiana was a saint, nothing was too much trouble, she made us feel well cared for, sorted us out quickly and made us laugh.
Dwell City Living
4.1/547 Reviews
Nottingham City Center
I have been staying here for 3 days a week since May 2023 and overall, I have to say that the accommodation is great, so my review is as follows. If you are driving get the Ringo Parking App on your phone as it makes the parking opposite much cheaper. It's less than 100 yards from the car park to the door. The Dwell has a system where you get a unique code to the front door and your room door (the codes are the same) so keep your code private. The hotel has a lift but it's been out of order all the time I have been there so it's stairs. You MUST ask for a ground floor room if you need one. I have had one every stay. When you get to your room the first thing you may notice is how clean it is, I have commented many times on the cleanliness. The hotel has a system where there is an iPad by the bed to run all the functions in the room the TV Air conditioning etc. At times I have struggled with the iPad but overall, it is good. There is a small kitchenette with a microwave, Why they don't have instructions for the microwave I do not know, I have joked about it a few times. You cannot even see the make so you can get them yourself. I have used the microwave to warm up a meal more by luck than judgment The bathroom is great, very nice shower, and again very clean. So that is the Dwell, I am there next week I think its great accommodation with a couple of minor negatives but overall VERY GOOD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which hotels near Church (Rock) Cemetery are popular with budget travellers?

    Whether you're travelling for business or going on a holiday, Richmond House Lodge, Bentinck Hotel and Transformative Housing are popular hotels at great price points.

  • What's the average price of hotels near Church (Rock) Cemetery this weekend?

    According to Trip.com, the average weekend price for 1 night at a hotel in Church (Rock) Cemetery in Nottingham is £56. Due to frequent price changes, the above prices are for reference only.

  • What's the average price per night of hotels near Church (Rock) Cemetery

    According to Trip.com, the average weekend price for 1 night at a hotel in Church (Rock) Cemetery in Nottingham is £117. Due to frequent price changes, the above prices are for reference only.

  • Which hotels near Church (Rock) Cemetery have free Wi-Fi?

    Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, Wi-Fi is an essential. Park Plaza Nottingham, Leonardo Hotel Nottingham and Ibis Nottingham Centre are all popular hotels that have free Wi-Fi.

  • Which popular hotels near Church (Rock) Cemetery have restaurants?

    If you like the idea of sampling local flavours while travelling, consider staying at Park Plaza Nottingham, Leonardo Hotel Nottingham and Ibis Nottingham Centre . There are plenty of restaurants that serve local dishes near these hotels.