Hangzhou Hello Kitty Paradise Guide - A Happy Haven for Girls

Who says princesses only live in Disney? Just an hour's drive from Hangzhou, this Hello Kitty Paradise in Huzhou Anji fills countless girl's hearts with its dreamy pink castle, giant Ferris wheel, and fairy parade. Whether it's for photo ops or playtime, it's fantastic. Don't miss out on a family trip during the Spring Festival or a romantic getaway for couples~ - 📌Park Notice 🌟Before entering the park, pick up a Hello Kitty brochure at the visitor center. Parade times and performances are marked in the timetable and guidebook, so you can check them off without missing out and save a lot of time! 🌟On weekdays, the park is not very crowded, and you basically don't have to queue. - ✅Must-Visit Attractions 🎡Colorful Ferris Wheel ▪️A must-visit right at the entrance, it's the first Ferris wheel in China that can slide and also the hottest attraction in the park. Choose between the two modes of the Ferris wheel depending on your bravery. 🎡Kitty's Courtyard ▪️A pink castle courtyard that is Kitty's home. The dreamy setting satisfies every girl's princess dream, and it's beautiful from every angle. 🎡Hello Kitty's Wondrous Journey ▪️A large indoor stage with live performances. Join Hello Kitty and the princesses for a magical adventure in the Poker Kingdom. 🎡Parade The most stunning parade in the park, where all the fairies appear. You can interact closely with Kitty, Kuromi, Cinnamoroll, Badtz-Maru, and others, dancing along with the park's music. 🎡Star Meet and Greet ▪️Everyone queues orderly to take close-up photos with their favorite characters. - 📷Photo Tips 🔸Be sure to take a photo with the park's most popular Ferris wheel. There are many good angles, and the hottest shot is in front of the ticket checkpoint, where you can capture the giant Ferris wheel. 🔸Wear light-colored clothes, bring a cute headband or buy a colorful balloon in the park, and you'll look great in photos. 🔸Check the weather in advance, sunny days are better for photos.
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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