The grand Beijing finally has it too, I no longer need to envy the people of Sanya.

You can now savor the authentic Zao Po vinegar hot pot in Sanlitun! After tasting it in Sanya, I fell profoundly in love with it! It has firmly captivated my palate with its irresistible deliciousness! Who invented this Zao Po vinegar hot pot? It's so delectable! I heard that Zao Po vinegar is beneficial for beauty and health, so there's no need to worry about gaining weight! Who could resist such a temptation? I must give it a try. Zao Po vinegar hot pot, here I come! 馃敂 Innovative Zao Po Vinegar Their signature hot pot base uses purely naturally fermented Zao Po vinegar, which has a rich and authentic aroma, making the hot pot vegetables exceptionally tasty. 馃敂 Precious Fresh Oysters The oysters are very fresh, large in size, and have a thick flesh. The texture is chewy and bouncy, and they are smooth and refreshing to the taste. 馃敂 Baby Squid I absolutely adore these baby squids! They are too cute and very satisfying to eat, being soft, tender, and juicy. 馃敂 Original Ice Sand Cooling Supplement This is a specialty dish from Hainan. The ingredients are particularly abundant, including red beans, Job's tears, and roasted grass jelly... Combined with the delicious coconut juice, it's refreshingly delightful! 馃攳 Jinbian Stove 路 Zao Po Vinegar Hot Pot (Sanlitun Branch)
Posted: Apr 16, 2024
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Jinbianlu路Cantonese Hot pot (Sanlitun Branch)

Beijing | No. 12 Courtyard, Xindong Road, Sanlitun Street, First Opening路Platinum County South District Building 3, B015-B020 Basement (Downstairs of Agricultural Bank)
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