Beijing's sanctuary for the soul! Read & Rest takes you through a journey in time

Located in the bustling metropolis of Beijing, the Read & Rest boutique hotel is not just a place to stay, but a haven for your soul's repose. It masterfully balances soothing the senses and igniting curiosity, interpreting the true essence of a high-quality life for you. Design The spatial design created by OFFICE AIO for this hotel is like magic, leading you into a peaceful and leisurely realm. Every detail lays the foundation for a rich mental and communicative experience. Walking from the noisy street into the hotel, you are drawn to the hollowed-out facade, forming a two-story high atrium corridor. As if looking through a telescope, you step from the rustic entrance into the expansive atrium, through the warm and comfortable lobby, and finally arrive at the library filled with a sense of mystery. Here, the passage of time seems to blur, as if you are reading a utopian fairy tale, gradually touching the enlightenment deep within your heart. Amenities The design of the library is even more ingenious, with a central corridor, repetition, symmetry, and rhythm, creating a tranquil and focused space. The simple layout, natural materials, and soft tones all reveal the hotel's minimalist and restrained style. From public areas to guest rooms, every space offers a comprehensive sensory soothing experience. Rooms The design of the guest rooms is equally exquisite, with plaster walls paired with light warm grey tones, creating a secluded and cozy atmosphere. The soft lighting, brass, and natural oak embellishments add a touch of warmth. The large windows have been cleverly converted into glass, allowing sunlight to fill the room and capture the beautiful scenery of the hutongs. The long wooden shelf invites you to sit down, enjoy the pleasure of reading, and relax your body and mind. Experience Read & Rest boutique hotel and OFFICE AIO together interpret the minimalist and essential philosophy of life. This place is not just a residence, but a sanctuary for your soul. Come here and experience a wonderful journey through time and space!
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Posted: May 24, 2024
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Read and Rest Hotel

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Near Nanluoguxiang|East Second Ring Workers' Stadium Area, Beijing
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