Stroll through Chiang Mai slowly, and step into Wat Chedi Luang

🌟 Highlights: Wat Chedi Luang is probably the largest temple in the old city of Chiang Mai, featuring typical Lanna-style architecture. The main hall is grand and resplendent with gold, and once inside, you can sit on the floor. Despite the crowd, it doesn't feel noisy at all. The most famous part of the temple is the ancient and majestic great stupa, surrounded by many Buddha halls. These buildings with ethnic characteristics, nestled among the tropical plants of Southeast Asia, form a beautiful picture. Walking slowly around the great stupa, a sense of antiquity hits you, accompanied by the clear sound of wind chimes, adding to the tranquility and simplicity. ✨ Temple Highlights: ✅ As you enter the temple, there is a small hall on the side with a sign stating that women are not allowed inside. The reason for this is that the hall enshrines the city pillar of Chiang Mai - the Inthakin City Pillar. According to Chiang Mai legend, the Inthakin City Pillar was built by the god Indra for the stability of Chiang Mai, and the pillar serves as a reminder to the people to adhere to the Five Precepts of Buddhism. The people of Chiang Mai believe that the city pillar represents the prosperity and happiness of the city, and it is sacred and inviolable. Therefore, to this day, women, especially those in their menstrual period, are considered impure and are not allowed to approach. The hall is not large, but all four walls are adorned with exquisite murals. Apart from this, there is no such distinction in other areas of the temple. ✅ The Buddha statue at the entrance of the main hall allows visitors to buy gold leaf to stick on it, or to find and stick on their own zodiac sign. ✅ The tall and majestic stupa offers a massive visual impact. This great stupa is the oldest structure in the temple. After the 1545 Chiang Mai earthquake, the top of the stupa collapsed overnight, so what you see now is a flat top. Walking around and admiring it, each angle offers its own magnificent view. The stupa has stairs on only one side, and on the south side of the stupa, there are six elephant sculptures, five of which were rebuilt later, with only the one without a nose and ears being the original. 🎫 Ticket Information: Tickets are 40 Thai Baht, open from 06:00-18:00. 🚉 Transportation Tips: The temple is located at the southern end of PhraPokklao Road in the old city of Chiang Mai. Generally, those staying in the old city or nearby can walk there.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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