There are five days left for the Baiyun Mountain Guangzhou Garden Expo

Just like that, the 31st Guangzhou Garden Expo is drawing to a close, but it doesn't affect tourists from all over to visit the mountain. Sitting casually at the Mingzhu Tower, you can see there are three tour guide teams explaining. If interested, you can follow and listen. Location: Baiyun Mountain Ticket Price: 5 RMB Key Points: Baiyun Mountain - February 4th to February 25th Liuhua Lake Park - February 1st to March 1st Friends who are catching the last chance can rush. Guangzhou is indeed the City of Flowers! With the theme 'Floral Guangdong, Colorful Bay Area' and violet as the theme flower, it's super photogenic. The main venue at Baiyun Mountain, along with three sub-venues at the Orchid Garden, is divided into 11 areas of horticultural works, as well as bamboo art works from six countries, creating over a hundred garden works with dazzling colors. Tour Route: Baiyun Mountain West Gate → Mingzhu Tower, it is recommended to walk, as there will be many works along the way, with no restrooms throughout, those with children can take the sightseeing bus directly to the major attractions at Mingzhu Tower. There are four groups of bamboo works from Southeast Asia on the lake, and large floral art works by the lake, paired with dry ice, giving off a fairy-like vibe. At 6 PM, the works at Mingzhu Tower will be lit up, it's a good spot to head to, with another feeling around 7 PM. Other exhibition locations: -Tao Hua Jian It is not recommended to go in anymore, as the peach blossoms have already sprouted new buds and there's not much to photograph. -Xi Ting You can overlook the entire Guangzhou panorama and also see the Canton Tower. -Mountain Top Square Tulips, hydrangeas, and so on, as well as various snacks, the cable car is also there. -Baiyun Mountain South Gate Pandas and auspicious dragons are right there. -Yuntai Garden Large flowers, a huge variety of tulips.
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Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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