Harbin 6-day check-in complete! Here's a guide to avoid pitfalls

1. Harbin is cold, but being cold and snowing are two different things. I was there from February 3rd to 9th, and it's said that it hadn't snowed for quite a while. 2. If you have more than 4 days in the city, there's no need to specifically schedule time for Central Street, Baroque, Sophia Church, and Zhaolin Park, because you'll end up passing by them anyway. 3. Morning market: I've been to Red Brick Street, Gexin Underground Market, and Beishi Market. Red Brick Street is the one to go to, it's all cooked food. The other two are mainly markets. 4. Ice and Snow World: The attractions I experienced include the Ferris wheel, Longjiang Ice and Snow Show, snow tubing (7 times), and I think that was enough. Ferris wheel: Head over to queue up as soon as the park opens, took 50 minutes. Sit on the right side! The right side faces the park. Harbin Show: People were queuing for the 5 pm show at 1:30 pm, so I decisively gave up. Longjiang Ice and Snow Show: 30 minutes queue for the 3:30 pm show. Snow tubing: It's just a snow slide. Apart from sunset, when I queued for 40 minutes, the rest of the time it was about 5 minutes. Big slide: Reportedly a 3-4 hour wait, so I gave up. Skiing: One round lasts 1 hour, and people outside have to wait for 1 hour. Since the number of people is limited, if you can't get in within 1 hour, you probably need to wait for 2 hours. Gave up. Striking the bell: Fun. Struck it 3 times in the morning. Struck it another 3 times before leaving. Clubbing: Gave up. Other: After playing for a day, only my toes felt cold, the rest was fine. The park only has hot water inside the Harbin Show venue, so those with children should take note. The next day I caught a cold... 5. Art and Museum: Actually, there are 4 museums. I didn't go to the Harbin Art Museum, and I was the only one in the Heilongjiang Art Museum. At the Harbin Museum, you can hold gold and silver bars! Heilongjiang Museum has animal specimens. 6. Diamond Sea: If you walk to the end on the right side, there will be fewer and fewer people, good for photos, and you can step on the snow! Diamond Sea has no restroom, take note! 7. Unit 731 Site: It takes 70 minutes by subway from the city, 70 minutes back, 70 minutes in line, 70 minutes to view, plus lunchtime. It takes half a day, so plan your time well. Another friend said the queue was only 10 minutes in the afternoon. 8. Crosstalk: When you go to Baroque, you can listen to crosstalk for 29 yuan per hour, which is very funny. It's a good way to warm up, but don't catch a cold. 9. Bathhouse: Went to Yiheshuihui for 2 days, recommended. The last 2 days I stayed at a bathhouse, first of all, they don't rush you to take your luggage away, and there's also a free private rest room. 10. Dining: Queuing is normal, there are too many people, especially at the restaurants recommended online. It's best to adjust meal times to 9 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm. 11. The last picture is the plan I made before going, but there are still many places I didn't visit, which you can refer to. Online mentions of free potato pulling, eating king crab, I didn't encounter any, no special treatment. When buying milk, ask for a straw, a customer aunt said she never knew this thing could come with a straw, the aunt's jealousy was too funny. When buying frozen pears and persimmons, pick and choose, the owner will personally come over to pick for you, you can see the sparks in his eyes. Harbin·Heilongjiang
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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