Fresh Handmade Lemon Tea.

Handmade lemon tea has been becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong, with many popular brands setting up shop. Today, I passed by Lin Xiang Lemon's handmade lemon tea store, which has many branches, and decided to give it a try. There's quite a selection to choose from, and the lemon tea comes in many different flavors. Signature Handmade Lemon Tea Made to order, the tea base is not too strong, and they use green lemons. I chose a sweetness level of 30%, which really highlighted the fresh fragrance of the lemons. The taste is very refreshing. Jerk Handmade Lemon Tea The name is quite unique, and the tea base is relatively stronger. I chose a sweetness level of 50%, which was just right. Why is the jerk's cup smaller? Lin Xiang Lemon Handmade Lemon Tea 📍B122A, B1 Floor, K11 Art Mall, 18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui ☎️ (+852) 91290879 ლ(・ ิω・ิლ) ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ ლ(・ ิω・ิლ) ლ(❛◡❛✿)ლ
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Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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