Farewell Hong Kong | Three-day in-depth experience of life in Hong Kong

| Three-day in-depth experience of life in Hong Kong. 🇭🇰Long time no see, Hong Kong, it's really fun! I believe it won't be long before I can go again‼️ - 👇🏻Here is the three-day travel guide for your reference Day 1⃣️: ☀️In the morning, arrive at Tsim Sha Tsui, where you can visit the Hong Kong Museum of History to understand the history and culture of Hong Kong. The museum has a vast collection and exquisite exhibits, suitable for friends who like history and culture. 🕛At noon, why not visit the Mei Hua Restaurant to taste authentic Hong Kong cuisine, which will definitely satisfy your taste buds. 🌇In the afternoon, head to the Tin Hau Temple in Central to pray for good fortune. The architectural structure is magnificent, and the gold-leaf inlaid ceilings and painted decorations in the corridor offer a refreshing experience. 🌃In the evening, enjoy the night view on the Victoria Harbour waterfront, and take in the beauty of the Victoria Harbour fireworks, which will definitely dazzle you. - Day 2⃣️: ☀️In the morning, head to Tai O and you will see the gigantic Tian Tan Buddha, a spectacular sight that is one of the most magnificent in Hong Kong. 🕛At noon, taste various Hong Kong snacks in the Temple Street or Mong Kok area of the New Territories, and experience the lifestyle of Hong Kong people firsthand. 🌇In the afternoon, visit the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where you can admire the world's tallest wind tunnel laboratory and understand the advanced technological development of Hong Kong. 🌃In the evening, shop and taste street food in Causeway Bay or the Wan Chai night market. If time permits, you can also stroll around and do some shopping. - Day 3⃣️: ☀️In the morning, explore the Times Square Shopping Centre in Causeway Bay to experience the prosperity and modernization of Hong Kong, and you may find clothes and styles you like! 🕛At noon, head to Wing On Restaurant to taste Hong Kong-style tea restaurant cuisine, with a special recommendation for the taste of the tea restaurant, which you definitely should not miss. 🌇In the afternoon, take a bus to the Lantau Island area of Hong Kong to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and fulfill your childhood dreams. This place is definitely a favorite for everyone. 🌃In the evening, return to the city center and enjoy Hong Kong's signature cocktails or beer in Central or other bustling nightlife areas, experiencing the unique nightlife of Hong Kong.
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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