CityWalk | Kennedy Town on Hong Kong Island, love in the twilight sunset

It's been 9 years since I last visited Hong Kong. This trip was also unplanned as the AirAsia flight from Chiang Mai to Changsha was suddenly cancelled, so I chose to fly to Hong Kong. I must say, for natives from central cities, Hong Kong is really a great choice: multiple flight routes, cheap airfares, no need for a Hong Kong and Macau pass, and a 7-day stay upon entry and exit. Moreover, HK is very suitable for short trips🧳 🏨This time, I didn't shop or check in at the popular spots, but aimed for a leisurely stroll, so I planned to stay on Hong Kong Island. I booked the hotel just one day in advance, but I'm quite satisfied with it: Hotel Hui Li in Hong Kong. It's well-located in Sheung Wan, right at the tram stop, a few dozen meters from the subway entrance, and close to the pier. The rooms are not very small, quite clean, and the city view is 600+ while the sea view is 800+, which is really worth it~ Behind it is the Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre, which is convenient for eating! 📱Because the trip to Hong Kong was last minute, I didn't buy a SIM card in advance, and activating roaming was not very cost-effective. I got the tip from a guide to get Roaming Man portable Wi-Fi! I ordered directly through the official account and picked it up at the border, which solved our anxiety about not having data hhh. The internet speed was much faster and more stable than I imagined. Online ordering also perfectly solved the trouble of communicating for people with social anxiety, it's really convenient!! It supports 150+ countries, can connect to 5 devices, and even my Apple Watch could connect. It's more cost-effective when traveling with more people! You can also have it mailed in advance in the mainland, I can't help but marvel at how travel and life are becoming more and more convenient. 🚶During the day, I strolled from Causeway Bay to the west through Wan Chai, Central, Sheung Wan, and Victoria Peak. In the evening, I went to Kennedy Town to watch the sunset🌄 with the soundtrack of 'Years Like Song' playing in my mind. 📷The only check-in point of this trip was reserved for the Kennedy Town sunset haha, it was really crowded!! 📍Location: Go up the stairs on the left of Exit B of Kennedy Town MTR station, enter the fence, and then go up the stairs to the basketball court to find the photo spot in picture 1. After taking photos, sit and watch the locals play basketball, experiencing local life. On the way back, take the tram🚎 to the Mid-Levels Escalator, then eat and drink, walk to the pier, take a boat to the other side for photos and a leisurely stroll, and then come back to end the day. 🧡Compared to shoulder-to-shoulder with the shoppers on Kowloon Island, it's the white-collar hustle on Hong Kong Island that I remember as the true Hong Kong style.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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