Everyone! You must see this exhibition at Hong Kong's Tai Kwun!

🇭🇰 The most stunning exhibition I've seen this year, in Hong Kong! 'Hope'—Patricia Piccinini A grand art exhibition! Visually stunning! Thought-provoking! ▫️ About the exhibition: Australian artist Patricia Piccinini's solo exhibition in Hong Kong! 'Hope' features over 50 hyperrealistic and surreal sculptures, photographs, and film works, raising important issues about the nature of history, progress, and technology, and contemplating how we can work together with warm-hearted care, loving and helping each other to live in this world 🌟 A surreal visual art grand exhibition These creature sculptures, made of silicone, resin, fiberglass, and hair, are 'chimeras' of endangered species and humans. Some find them cute, some incredible or frightening. They are very real, with body features similar to humans, including babies, children, adults, and the elderly. They smile, hug, and care for each other 🌟 An impressive immersive exhibition experience There are bilingual (Chinese and English) guidebooks on-site, allowing visitors to understand the deep meanings conveyed by the exhibits while viewing them. There is an exhibit that allows visitors to touch, finely crafted and realistic, satisfying curiosity up close. Every detail of the exhibition is well thought out, making it a high-standard exhibition 🌟 Some impressive exhibits ▫️ 'The Observer': A little boy kneels on a pile of 18 chairs stacked up, smiling and curiously peering out, wanting to fully appreciate the world below. This is a metaphor for the collective hopes and cares of people ▫️ 'The Field': Composed of thousands of flower stems, completely surrounding the visitors. The work creates a complex aesthetic experience, hinting at the wonders and sorrows of technology ▫️ 'The Deep': Based on the Australian humpback dolphin, a creature embraces a girl. It calls for attention to the vulnerability of endangered species 🖼️ 'Hope'—Patricia Piccinini ▫️ 2023.05.25-2023.09.03 Closed on Mondays, 11:00-19:00 📍 Jockey Club Arts Wing, 1st and 3rd floors, F Block, 1st floor 🎫 Online: 60/adult ticket, On-site: 70/adult ticket ps: Tai Kwun members buy one get one free ▫️ Exhibition tips 1. Photography is allowed in the exhibition, but no flash 2. It is recommended to get a guidebook before entering 3. Backpacks should be worn on the front, selfie sticks are not allowed 4. Be mindful with children as some exhibits may be startling
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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