High-Quality Weekend Day Trip with Kids | Detailed Guide to the Unique Features of Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong

High-Quality Weekend Day Trip with Kids | Detailed Guide to the Unique Features of Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong. I enjoy taking my kids out for high-quality outings, checking in at places with unique scenery and full of fun around Shenzhen. I recommend a leisurely trip with plenty of eating, drinking, and strolling, savoring various delicacies while enjoying the pleasant scenery. It's incredibly satisfying to take photos, explore caves, play by the seaside, and taste delicious food, all in one go. Here's a nanny-level guide for you: Preparation in advance: Hong Kong and Macau Travel Permit, ID card, Octopus card (available for purchase on Taobao & at the border, a must-have 'magic card' for shopping, taking the subway, and buses in Hong Kong, very convenient) 1. Transportation It's recommended to start from Luohu Port/Futian Port, take the East Rail Line from the starting point to the end at Admiralty Station, which takes about 40-50 minutes. From 'Admiralty', transfer to 'Central' MTR station, Exit A > walk to Central Pier > Pier No. 5 > take the ferry to Cheung Chau Island. There's a ferry about every half hour. The fast ferry takes 35 minutes, with a fare of 28.1 HKD from Monday to Saturday and 42.3 HKD on Sundays and holidays; it's a bit bumpy and may cause seasickness. The ordinary ferry takes 55 minutes, with a fare of 14.4 HKD (deluxe seat is 22.3 HKD) from Monday to Saturday and 21.2 HKD (deluxe seat is 32.5 HKD) on Sundays and holidays; it's more stable. The fast ferry is 20 minutes quicker than the ordinary ferry (choose the fast ferry if you're in a hurry). Check the specific ferry schedules (prepare motion sickness medicine if you get seasick). Recommended island tour route: Turn right from the pier: Cheung Chau Pier - Tung Wan Road (Tung Yuen Snack Shop, Cheung Chau Sister Fried Ice Cream Snack Shop, Love Lock Wall, Seaside Basketball Court, Tung Wan Beach) - Tai Hing Tai Road - Cheung Chau West Praya Road - Tin Hau Temple at West Bay - Cheung Po Tsai Cave Island Delicacies Delicious glutinous rice dumplings: Mango glutinous rice dumplings, durian glutinous rice dumplings are a must-try! The fruit inside the dumplings is very fresh and in large pieces. Fried ice cream: Crispy fried glutinous rice coating with various flavors of ice cream. Big and round fish balls: There are many flavors to choose from; I prefer curry and spicy flavors, they're chewy and delicious. Seafood meal: Very affordable, genuine and reasonably priced. I had dinner at 'True Taste Seafood Restaurant'. The proprietress was very enthusiastic. The original price was HKD 368 (choose any 4 dishes), but we paid HKD 278 (choose any 3 dishes, and got one extra). The seafood was fresh and plump, and the taste was good. Our family of three was stuffed, and we cleaned our plates. Tung Wan Beach: The water is as clear as glass, and renting sun umbrellas (daily rent HKD 80) and beach chairs (HKD 30) is very affordable; there are public changing rooms and showers on the beach, so you can bring your swimsuit and change to swim and play. Check-in Spots 1. Love Lock Wall 2. Tung Wan Beach 3. Tin Hau Temple at West Bay 4. Cheung Po Tsai Cave It is said that the pirate Cheung Po Tsai once hid here, leaving behind many treasures. The cave is quite narrow and dark, requiring the use of a mobile phone light for illumination, which is thrilling. The kids were very excited, feeling like they were exploring a mysterious cave, making it worth checking in. After coming out, the cliff is a great spot for taking photos by the seaside. You must check in at the seaside boardwalk near Cheung Po Tsai Cave; there are so many surprises, and it's very close to the seaside rocks, making for great photo opportunities. Warm reminders: 1. The island mainly accepts cash in Hong Kong dollars, with fewer options for WeChat/Alipay, so prepare some in advance before departure; 2. There are also hotels and guesthouses on the island, so if you want to stay overnight, you can bring your luggage; 3. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes and prepare sunscreen.
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Posted: Apr 10, 2024
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